NEO CAIN CREAM  10.56% Lidocaine, the active ingredient in Neo Cain Cream 10.56%, numbs the skin. It both prevents and alleviates the pain associated with cosmetic procedures. Buy this cream today at premium dermal mart.  ‎Request:‎‎• Body piercing • Needle...
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J CAIN CREAM  10.56% J CAIN CREAM  10.56% uses the power of lidocaine to make all types of surgeries and cosmetic treatments virtually painless for both patients and medical personnel. With this strong numbing cream, you can enjoy the luxury...
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S-Cain Cream
S-Cain Cream 30 g S-Cain Cream serves as a local anesthetic applied before surgical procedures to alleviate pain during injections. When pain triggers vasoconstriction and pore constriction, these responses hinder the penetration of needles or cannulas into the skin during...
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Emmao Cream
Description Product Name: Emmao Cream Specification: 450g Appearance: Cream with a white to yellowish hue Product Composition Each gram contains: Active Ingredients: - Lidocaine (KP) ... 25mg- Prilocaine (EP) ... 25mg Additives (preservatives): - Methyl Paraoxybenzoate (KP) ... 1.5mg Other additives: - Light...
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Muchcaine Cream
Topical Anesthetic Cream, 30 grams Product Composition Each gram contains:Active Ingredient: Lidocaine (KP) 10.56%Additives (preservatives): Benzalkonium Chloride 0.2mg Usage:Apply before tattoo applications, injections, or laser surgeries, or as directed by physicians. Results are typically achieved within 15 minutes, although this...
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Siesta Lidocaine cream
Introducing Siesta Lidocaine cream 9.6%, a top-tier solution for achieving optimal comfort during dermatological and aesthetic procedures. Originating from South Korea, Siesta stands as a hallmark of quality and innovation in the field of anesthesia. Product Name: Siesta Lidocaine cream...
Matrigen PPC Cream
Matrigen PPC Cream Matrigen PPC Cream is an anti-cellulite fat burning cream formulated with phosphatidylcholine, renowned for its effectiveness in combating cellulite. This cream works to smooth the skin, firm sagging areas, and target excess fat, providing a more toned...
Neo Pro Cream 30g
Neo Pro Cream 30g Neo Pro Cream 30g contains active ingredients designed to provide numbing effects to the skin. It is a topical anesthetic cream that can be directly applied to the skin to alleviate pain sensations.Recommended for use in...
Wellscain Plus Cream (Lidocaine 2.5% / Prilocaine 2.5%)
Wellscain Plus Cream (Lidocaine 2.5% / Prilocaine 2.5%) Introducing Wellscain Plus Cream (Lidocaine 2.5% / Prilocaine 2.5%). Cream with a white-yellowish hue.Indications/EffectivenessUsed for extending the duration of ejaculation / Dermatological applicationActive IngredientsEach gram contains:Lidocaine - 25mgPrilocaine - 25mgCautionKeep away from...
Jomalia Jomalia Tea Cream 10.56% is a premium Korean brand offering an opulent solution for achieving topical anesthesia prior to cosmetic procedures. Its highly efficient formula aims to alleviate pain and maintain the effectiveness of treatments like needle rolling, laser...
SM Lido Cream 10.56%
SM Lido Cream 10.56% Introducing SM Lido Cream 10.56%. Different surgeries (5mm); medical cosmetology; needle aspiration (microneedle, tattoo, etc.). Keep sealed and don't put in the fridge. Valid for three years Advantages Fast to absorb Keep going for a long...
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SM Lido Cream 10.56%
SM Lido Cream 10.56% SM Lido Cream 10.56% is a modern anaesthetic with a wide range of applications. Its lidocaine concentrations provide users with a quick 10-minute onset and a duration of 60-90 minutes. Mainly applicable to: Surgeries/Cosmetology/Needle 5mm aspiration....
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NEO CAIN CREAM  10.56% Bringing to you NEO CAIN CREAM  10.56%. Neo-Cain is a Lidocaine-based lotion that provides post-procedure relief after procedures such as tattooing, peeling, laser removal, body piercing, and cosmetic surgery. Its anaesthetic properties lessen pain sensitivity. Laser,...
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SM LIDO CREAM 30g Do you feel nervous when you think about getting a cosmetic procedure done? You no longer have to worry, because SM LIDO CREAM 30g is here to help!. It has lidocaine in it, which is an...
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