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REJURAN S  Rejuran S is more potent than Rejuran Healer, making it an excellent acne scar treatment. Two of the most popular resurfacing techniques for treating these marks are CO2 laser therapy and fractional radio frequency treatments. What is the...
€100.26 €88.39
Medisco Skin Booster Hyaluronic Acid
The high-grade Medisco Skin Booster Hyaluronic Acid serum, originating from Korea, is ideal for microneedling procedures. It's designed to hydrate deeply, revitalize the skin, and diminish the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles. This serum is infused with Polyphenol for...
Medisco Skinglow Mask 1X100ml
Medisco SkinGlow Mask OverviewThe Medisco SkinGlow Mask is a revolutionary peel-off mask that forms a clear collagen-rich layer on the skin, delivering collagen and essential nutrients for a radiant complexion.- Enhances skin glow- Boosts absorption of active ingredients post-micro-needling- Offers...
Medisco Toktok 5X5g+5X20ml
Medisco TokTok TreatmentProduct OverviewMedisco TokTok treatment introduces an innovative method that generates effervescent bubbles when the Gel meets the sheet, utilizing a patented technique. This treatment detoxifies the skin, offering a clearer complexion and maintaining a smooth skin texture through...
Medisco Peelieve All-in-one Cream
MEDISCO PEELIEVE ALL-PURPOSE CREAMProduct HighlightsThis all-encompassing cream from the premium aesthetic label Medisco enhances skin texture and revitalizes with its rich formulation.Advantages- Provides deep hydration- Calms irritated skin- Enriches with essential nutrientsPrincipal Components- Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid for intense moisture- Soothing...
Medisco Peelieve Cica Cream 30X2ml
Medisco Peelieve Cica Cream OverviewMedisco Peelieve Cica Cream is a rich, adhering cream designed to deeply nourish both the outer and inner layers of the skin. It's essential for optimal post-treatment care, including peeling, carboxytherapy, MTS, or any procedure that...
Medisco Peelieve Peeling 5X1g+5X8ml
Medisco Peelieve Peeling OverviewMedisco Peelieve Peeling offers a layer-by-layer skin rejuvenation and repair using the Peel-Feuille method, designed specifically for those new to peeling treatments. This self-care alternative to the Seanergy Peel is gentler, reducing discomfort and making it ideal...
Stayve Repair Cream (Eve Vegan) 100X1g
Stayve Repair Cream for Face and Body OverviewThe Stayve Repair Cream is meticulously formulated to rejuvenate and soothe skin that's been irritated by laser procedures, including semi-permanent treatments and Microneedling Therapy Systems (MTS). It's enriched with Prunus Serrulata Flower Extract...
ASCE+ HRLV marks the latest innovation from the esteemed professional aesthetic brand ExoCoBio, following its acclaimed first skincare solution, "ASCE+ SRLV," which has gained international recognition.In our commitment to bringing forth the most advanced products, we're excited to introduce this...
Sardenya Skin Booster Exoprime
SARDENYA EXOPRIME SKIN BOOSTER leverages Sturgeon Sodium DNA alongside Plant Exosomes in its Skin Enhancer to foster improved skin vitality by focusing on the upper and lower layers of the skin.Key Benefits:1. Age-Defying Components: Packed with elements aimed at revitalizing...
Fillmed NCTF Boost 135 HA
NCTF® BOOST 135 HA stands out as a distinctive anti-aging and revitalizing complex that enriches the epidermis by supplying the necessary nutrients for its prosperity. It fosters an ideal setting for fibroblasts to carry out their essential function in generating...
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Eclafin Skin Booster
Eclafin M Skin Booster: Moisture Glow Unlock the secret to deeply hydrated and luminous skin with Eclafin M Skin Booster. This premium formulation is your key to achieving a moisture-rich glow, thanks to its unique blend of Hyaluronic Acid (HA),...
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Claireyes 1X1.1ml
CLAIREYES is a Polynucleotide (PN) product highly effective for treating superficial wrinkles and rejuvenating the facial area.Polydeoxyribonucleotide (PDRN) has been utilized in Korea for skin injectables targeting anti-aging and hair growth, as well as for medical purposes related to skin...
Regenovue PN 1X3ml
Regenovue PN is specifically formulated to support the regeneration of the fibroblast collagen network within the extracellular matrix while simultaneously stimulating the deeper layers of the skin. Polynucleotide (PN), extracted from salmon DNA, plays a pivotal role in the treatment...
Reglory PDRN 3X2.2ml
Reglory PDRN is a term combining "RE" from return and "GLORY," symbolizing beauty, conveying the concept of "returning to a brilliantly beautiful moment."Containing Sodium Hyaluronate, naturally found in human skin and cartilage, Reglory PDRN ensures safe absorption into the body....
Reju Pro 3.2
What is Reju Pro 3.2?Reju Pro 3.2 is an innovative skin-repair solution containing 1% PN and 1% PDRN aimed at activating skin-tissue rejuvenation effectively.How to Use:Reju Pro 3.2 is best utilized in conjunction with various aesthetic devices like Fraxel laser,...
Cellexosome Black Label Skin
Cell Exosome Black Label represents an advanced formulation with an ultra-high concentration of cell exosomes, delivering a more potent effect compared to existing products in the line. Key Ingredients:- 15 billion exosome particles- Increased powder content to 130mg- Includes whitening...
Cellexosome Black Label Hair
Cell Exosome Black Label represents a highly concentrated form of cell exosomes, offering a potent solution for various concerns. With a stronger effect compared to other products in the cell exosome range, it targets hair growth by delivering a blend...
Yuvenis – 2% PN Salmon DNA Skin Booster
Yuvenis Salmon DNA Skin Booster2% PN x 1 syringeYuvenis presents a potent solution harnessing the power of Salmon DNA to address visible signs of skin aging. Administered via injection into the superficial dermis, this treatment yields the following benefits.PN (Polynucleotide)•...
Exoblanc Pro
Scalp Equilibrium TreatmentAfter restoring balance to the unhealthy scalp, this treatment aids in enhancing overall scalp health and maintaining its effects.1. Intensive nourishment with scalp nutritional supplements.2. Synergistic effect of exosomes combined with active ingredients.3. Optimization of the scalp environment...
Curenex Daily Care Skin Booster
Curenex offers an opportunity for a self-skin booster regimen in the comfort of your home.Curenex Dailycare Skinbooster is formulated to provide skin cells with nourishment using ingredients endorsed by dermatologists.The primary component of Curenex, Salmon DNA, revitalizes tissue by stimulating...
Selastin Tox
Purchase Selastin Tox, a skin booster enriched with Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, renowned for its effects akin to Botox. Experience the lifting, firming, and hydrating capabilities of Selastin Tox, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a rejuvenated complexion. When...
Mediciel Exo Sera Solution
Introducing Mediciel Exo Sera Solution Skin Booster, your ultimate skincare companion for radiant, youthful skin. Crafted with precision and innovation, this advanced skincare solution is meticulously formulated to revitalize and rejuvenate your complexion from within.Mediciel Exo Sera Solution Skin Booster...
Revs RMT 140HPN
REVS RMT 140HPn is a specialized cosmeceutical product exclusively formulated for professional dermatologists, aimed at delivering effective anti-aging outcomes. This intricate solution combines around fifty active components, including non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid, amino acids, vitamins, minerals (such as calcium, potassium, sodium,...
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