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REJURAN S  Rejuran S is more potent than Rejuran Healer, making it an excellent acne scar treatment. Two of the most popular resurfacing techniques for treating these marks are CO2 laser therapy and fractional radio frequency treatments. What is the...
€100.26 €88.39
NMN Bottle
Description: Combat the signs of aging with NMN Bottle, the ultimate solution infused with NAD BOOSTER to delay skin aging and rejuvenate your complexion. As we age, the levels of NAD+ in our bodies decline rapidly, leading to visible signs...
HYBY (5 Vial)
Introducing HYBY, a potent PDRN 1% solution devoid of any additional active ingredients. This highly concentrated formula delivers intensive nourishment to visibly parched and compromised skin, restoring its vitality and resilience. Key Details:- Main Ingredient: PURE PDRN 1%- Type: Liquid-...
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Decenba Face and Body Serum This high-quality liquid solution is meticulously formulated for application on targeted areas of the face and body afflicted with sagging fat and cellulite due to aging or weight fluctuations. Experience a revitalizing and hydrating effect...
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Recell (PDRN Sodium DANN)
Volume: 3ml x 5 pieces RECELL PDRN Skin Booster combines exclusive ingredients for a comprehensive 5-effect solution: enhancing Skin Elasticity, filtering Acne, reducing Pore Size, diminishing Wrinkles, and facilitating Rapid Wound Healing post-procedure and Surgery, while addressing Pigmentation concerns. Polydeoxyribonucleotide...
Diamond Shine Skin Solution
Diamond Shine is a premium MTS microneedling serum, registered with CPNP, boasting top-tier quality and featuring regenerative components. Comprising three pivotal actives, including salmon DNA (PDRN) renowned for its anti-aging properties, reduced glutathione to impede tyrosinase, a pigment precursor, and...
DA-X (Cica Stemcell Exosome)
Introducing DA-X (Cica Stemcell Exosome), a cutting-edge product in the field of aesthetics, formulated to rejuvenate and revitalize your skin. Group: Aesthetics  Ingredients: Cica Exosome, Tranexamic acid, Glutathione  Standard: Box/Vial How to Use: Simply add physiological saline to the powder...
Metoo Healer Boost
METOO HEALER PDRN Metoo Boost CH is an elite skin revitalizing formula created by Korea's leading anti-aging research institute, which boasts 35 years of specialized studies on cell aging. MAIN INGREDIENTS PDRN Boost CH integrates over 50 active ingredients, such...
Rejuner Black Label
REJUNER Black Label (2ml x 5 Vials) Discover the next generation of collagen-boosting skincare with REJUNER Black Label. This premium solution, designed to visibly improve skin texture and brightness, stimulates fibroblast activity to promote the generation of new collagen, addressing...
Rejuner Gold Label (Whole Face) 2ml * 5
REJUNER Gold Label (Whole Face) 2ml x 5 Vials Elevate your skincare regimen with the REJUNER Gold Label, a premium collagen-boosting solution designed to visibly enhance skin texture and brightness. This advanced formula, produced by the renowned South Korean company...
Glam Appeal
Procedure ImpactGlam Appeal represents a gentle body filler developed by the creators of Elasty Fillers, tailored for sculpting body areas with heightened sensitivity. Targeted RegionsButtocksBreasts Recommended Procedure ApproachInjection Depth: Deep dermis and subcutaneous layers SpecificationsNature: MonophasicIngredients: Hyaluronic acidHyaluronic Acid Content:...
The EXOCODE collection comprises standardized Exosomes tailored to address various skin needs, harnessing the power of regeneration and active skin care. Derived from damask rose using ExoSCRT TM technology, EXOCODE NO.1 and NO.2 incorporate active ingredients that fortify the skin,...
EXOCODE presents standardized Exosomes, offering a tailored solution to address various skin concerns by harnessing the power of regeneration and active skin care. EXOCODE NO.1 incorporates ExoSCRTTM technology, derived from damask rose exosomes, to bolster skin resilience. Meanwhile, EXOCODE NO.2...
EXO'LUTION introduces an innovative skincare procedure designed to unveil a more youthful complexion while nurturing skin health. Offering a holistic approach to skin rejuvenation, this method not only combats aging but also promotes overall skin wellness, revealing a radiant glow....
Hanheal PDRN Booster
Hanheal PDRN Booster, featuring HA at a concentration of 1.7%, presents an inventive injectable solution. It combines PDRN with amino acids and a vitamin-mineral complex, offering a swift, efficient, and non-surgical remedy for aesthetic concerns in the periorbital region. This...
Elaxen PN
Elaxen PN presents a biorevitalizing booster infused with polydeoxyribonucleotide (PN) derived from salmon DNA. Renowned in mesotherapy, salmon DNA is celebrated for its proven cellular repair and rejuvenation properties. Clinical research underscores its remarkable efficacy in fostering cell growth and...
Fize PLA
Introducing Fize PLA, a safe and highly effective Polylactic Acid (PLA) filler designed to provide optimal results. Crafted using innovative production techniques, this micro filler needle offers exceptional quality and performance. With its advanced manufacturing process, Fize PLA enhances collagen...
Sosum Soft
Sosum Soft presents a highly adaptable CE hydro-lifting skin enhancer engineered with optimal physical attributes to minimize product wastage, even during multi-needle applications. Witness immediate visible enhancements with a plethora of application techniques, offering enduring results. Suitable for application across...
Elaxen PLLA
Elaxen PLLA offers a transformative solution for skin quality enhancement, concealing imperfections, and restoring a youthful radiance. Crafted primarily with Polylactic acid, renowned for its collagen-boosting properties, Elaxen PLLA aids in volumizing recessed skin areas. This comprehensive package encompasses serums,...
Restylane Skin Boosters VITAL
Restylane Skinboosters Vital with Lidocaine effectively enhances skin elasticity and hydration. By employing stabilized hyaluronic acid, it provides long-term reinforcement and tightening for mature skin. Notably, areas like the décolleté and neck exhibit remarkable wrinkle reduction outcomes. Moreover, Restylane Skinboosters...
Restylane Skin Boosters VITAL LIGHT
Restylane Skinbooster Vital Light, previously known as Restylane Vital Light, is applied to areas of the face and body requiring moisture replenishment and skin reinforcement. It is distributed evenly across selected areas, particularly focusing on the face and neck. Additionally,...
Demei Shine Booster
Demei Shine Booster (4mL X 5):- Demei Shine Booster contains hyaluronic acid in a clear gel form, which deeply hydrates the skin while improving its elasticity and firmness.  - It also helps re-establish the skin's natural moisture-oil balance, revitalizing dry...
DEMEI PN Solution DEMEI PN Solution contains hyaluronic acid in a clear gel form, hydrating the skin while enhancing its elasticity and firmness. It also helps restore the skin's natural moisture-oil balance, effectively improving dry and sagging skin. Safe PDRN...
Medisco Skin Booster Hyaluronic Acid
Medisco Skin Booster Hyaluronic Acid The high-grade Medisco Skin Booster Hyaluronic Acid Skin Booster Hyaluronic Acid serum, originating from Korea, is ideal for microneedling procedures. It's designed to hydrate deeply, revitalize the skin, and diminish the visibility of fine lines...
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