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FACETEM Facetem is a subcutaneous implant based on a paste that contains a polymer gel carrier and CaHA to reduce wrinkles. It is given through a needle for quick filling and long-term collagen stimulation. Its distinct flake structure provides a...
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COLLADEW COLLADEW is atelocollagen-based and KFDA-approved. It plumps up and restores volume when injected into the dermal layer of the skin, with effects lasting up to 18 months. In addition to volumizing the skin, it can help to improve skin...
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Manla Kar
MANLA KAR (Skin Colla Fill) Collagen is employed for the enhancement and restoration of ligaments and tendons damaged during internal and external treatments or surgeries, providing supplementation for muscles, biological membranes, and cartilage. MANLA KAR FILL (1ml) MANLA KAR Effect...
Illuma Crystal Rose +
Illuma Crystal Rose + Illuma Crystal Rose + is a highly potent ampoule enriched with Peptide, Glutathione, and Hyaluronic Acid as its key components.The polycomponent formulation, comprising 53 ingredients, is designed to enhance skin texture, combat skin aging, neutralize free...
PAGC Glyceollins
PAGC Glyceollins PAGC Glyceollins is a patented pharmaceutical composition recognized for its safety, utilizing "phytoalexin" sourced from beans, a natural immunity substance, to address blood vessel and inflammatory conditions.The 'PAGC Glyceollins Re: New Ampoule' is a functional cosmetic designed to...
Belita Introducing Belita Collagen Spray 30mL. BELITA represents a medical-grade product designed for external application to the skin's surface, forming a protective physical barrier. It functions to retain moisture within the skin environment and mitigate secondary skin damage caused by...
Pure Eyes PN Booster
Pure Eyes PN Booster Introducing Pure Eyes PN Booster. This skin booster enables you to regain your natural beauty through hydration and collagen regeneration of the skin.  What is PN ? PN stands for Polynucleotide. It is extractedfrom salmon and it...
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PlaVann PLA+HA
PlaVann PLA+HA PlaVann PLA+HA is an autologous tissue regenerative collagen booster that combines PLLA and hyalauronic acid found in human skin tissue. PlaVann Lite (PLLA 42.5mg + HA 7.5mg) For Stimulatting Collagen PlaVann Lite is a combination of PLLA and...
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DLMR PREMIUM DLMR PREMIUM is a high-quality product that provides exceptional performance. DLMR PREMIUM, with its unique and advanced technologies, offers maximum durability, comfort, and convenience. It is made of high-quality materials and has excellent features for maximum performance. The...
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€120.34 €110.23
DLMR HA DLMR HA is a cutting-edge hyaluronic acid serum that provides intense hydration to improve the appearance of the skin. This multi-action serum moisturises and regenerates skin, resulting in a smooth and healthy complexion. The multi-tasking formula also helps...
€120.34 €110.23
ETREBELLE 200MG Content: Etrebelle 200mg/vial: The Innovation in Hybrid Filler Solutions Etrebelle: A unique blend of PLA & HA for cutting-edge collagen stimulation and volumizing effects. The Hybrid Marvel: Blending HA and PLA Etrebelle addresses volume loss by combining HA...
ARCV PLUS Introducing ARCV Plus, an advanced facial dermal filler crafted from exceptionally pure true collagen, designed to revitalize your skin and enhance its volume. Formulated with 3% Atelocollagen sourced from pigs, this cutting-edge dermal filler boasts outstanding biocompatibility, closely...
€79.21 €67.34
REPLENGEN IDEOLOGY Replengen Ideology is a filler formulated with polylactide that targets and eliminates wrinkles in the lips, eyes, forehead, and cheeks while contouring the face, as well as a non-surgical solution for nose shape correction. Subcutaneous or upper dermal...
REJURAN TONE-UP BOOSTER Rejuran Tone-Up Booster is a groundbreaking complex of six active ingredients that boost collagen, firm skin, and deeply hydrate, thereby reversing signs of ageing. It eliminates dullness and uneven texture, leaving you with a radiant, youthful complexion....
PCL POWER BOOSTER Introducing PCL Power Booster, a revolutionary wrinkle and skin ageing treatment. Formulated to promote stem cell regeneration for skin lifting, whitening, scar care, and ageing skin rejuvenation. POWER BOOSTER will give you youthful, radiant skin. POWER BOOSTER's...
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LENISNA Introducing Lenisna's Soft Tissue Injectable Implant, which combines PLA and HA for superior results, reduces facial wrinkles. Lenisna is a proprietary polylactic acid solution intended for use on sensitive areas such as the eyes and mesotherapy applications on the...
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JUVELOOK The Groundbreaking Hybrid Filler for Ageless Beauty. Juvelook is a revolutionary product that combines the immediate filling benefits of HA hyaluronic acid with the collagen-stimulating effects of polylactic acid PDLLA. This patent-pending formulation combines cutting-edge technology with unrivalled efficacy...
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Juvéderm Volift
JUVEDERM VOLIFT Experience the pinnacle of aesthetic excellence with Juvéderm Volift with Lidocaine, a ground-breaking solution brought to you by the industry's preeminent leader, "Allergan." Enhance your skincare routine with a product that embodies innovation, efficacy, and patient well-being, redefining...
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