PlaVann PLA+HA

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PlaVann PLA+HA

PlaVann PLA+HA is an autologous tissue regenerative collagen booster that combines PLLA and hyalauronic acid found in human skin tissue.

PlaVann Lite (PLLA 42.5mg + HA 7.5mg) For Stimulatting Collagen

PlaVann Lite is a combination of PLLA and HA. This is an autologous tissue regenerative collagen booster. When injected into facial wrinkles, PLLA microparticles regenerates collagen and fills the subcutaneous area which helps improve skin texture and wrinkles.

PLLA Size: 30-50μm (D50)

PlaVann Volume (PLLA 170mg + HA 30mg) For Volume

PlaVann Volume is made of PLLA and HA ingredients. This is a collagen volume booster. It penetrates deeper into the tissue at a higher concentration that the Lite. It increases overall skin elasticity and unlike typical fillers, creates natural volume

N.B: Due to particles being smaller compared to other companies, deeper penetration is possible.

PlaVann PLA+HA  Special Features of PlaVann

Particle size of PLA’VANN is 30-50μm (D50), the size is appropriate and it is round (1), so nodules are less likely to form and injection is possible with less pain. Additionally, the surface is smooth, so there is almost no foreign body reaction in the tissue (2) when inserted. It is biodegradable and is excreted outside the body, leaving almost no residue in the body. As a result of observation for 8 weeks after PLA’VANN administration, collagen production was significantly higher than that of the control product. (3) By using UDIS (USCP-zydis Technology) solid content formulation technology, rapid decomposition, (4) absorption of active ingredients, and safety have been improved. It can be melted right before use.

Material :

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