Alfocholin The innovative fat-dissolving injection known as "Alfocholin" represents a significant advancement in pharmaceuticals due to its high safety and efficacy levels. Unlike traditional fat-soluble injections like BNLS, Alfocholin, derived from natural soybean ingredients such as Glycerophosporylcholine (GPC), has gained...
Aqualyx (10x8ml)
Aqualyx (10x8ml) Introducing Aqualyx (10x8ml), a pioneering solution that is reshaping the landscape of weight loss with its proven and dependable approach. Aqualyx employs the innovative technique known as Aqualysis, which harnesses the power of an aqueous gel to eliminate...
€248.51 €240.64
Bijunel Beauty Line
BIJUNEL BEAUTY LINE A cutting-edge serum with a steatolytic enzyme that melts fat for a toned appearance is Bijunel Beauty Slim-line. The fat-dissolving serum penetrates the skin for outcomes like Kybella. A cutting-edge product called Bijunel Beauty-line can be used...
€71.61 €59.74
BO-DCA Solution for Body
BO-DCA Solution for Body Introducing BO-DCA Solution for Body. Are you still struggling to lose weight by starving yourself? Skipping meals might reduce your weight, but it also leads to the loss of muscle mass and water, lowering your Basal...
Bonafill Slim
Bonafill Slim Introducing Bonafill Slim. Application Area: The product can be applied to various areas including cheeks, jawline, double chin, forearms, chest line, stomach, thighs, and buttocks.Key Ingredients: The primary components include horse chestnut extract, caffeine, walnut extract, grape seed...
Carat Feel V-Line
Carat Feel V-Line Carat Feel V-Line is a highly effective solution designed for decomposing fat cells and lifting the skin. Each vial contains a plant extract concentration of 20 mg/ml, along with ingredients such as Sodium Chloride, Disodium Adenosine Phosphate,...
Cincelar +
Cincelar + Cincelar +, a lipolytic solution, is primarily formulated with sodium deoxycholate acid. It also includes vitamin B2, renowned for its immediate fat-burning effects. It fosters fibroblasts activation, which in turn boosts collagen production, eliminates fat deposits, and enhances...
CURENEX LIPO CURENEX LIPO is an innovative lipolysis solution designed to streamline facial and body contours. It comprises ingredients that effectively mobilize and eliminate fat, resulting in fat reduction within three days post-treatment. Notably, there is no immediate post-procedural swelling,...
De FAT Solution
De FAT Solution De FAT Solution, composed of deoxycholic acid and safe natural ingredients, excels at dissolving fat cells. The unique properties of deoxycholic acid allow it to dissolve in both aqueous and lipophilic environments, enabling it to break down...
Delgada Contourung Serum (Fat Dissolver)
Delgada Contourung Serum (Fat Dissolver) Introducing Delgada Contourung Serum (Fat Dissolver). DELGADA is a fat dissolving solution manufactured in Korea, designed to effectively target localized fat reduction in specific areas of the body and face. Each vial of DELGADA contains...
Deolipo DEOLIPO (formerly known as Kabelline) is the Korean counterpart of Kybella, featuring Deoxycholic acid, an FDA-approved substance. While Kybella in the US is associated with significant pain and swelling, necessitating monthly treatments and yielding slow results, DEOLIPO offers a...
Dermaheal LL
Dermaheal LL Dermaheal LL injectable solution is excellent for fat removal, skin regeneration, and skin suppleness treatment. It contains natural ingredients that help remove fat from resistant pockets while also improving skin condition. Biometric Peptides, Soy Lecithin, L-Carnitine, Growth Factors...
€96.75 €84.88
Dermaheal PTx Platinum LL
Dermaheal PTx  Platinum LL Dermaheal PTx Platinum LL is the ideal solution for slimming and toning your body! Its proprietary peptides remove cellulite and fat deposits quickly, making it an excellent lipolytic body contouring product! Plus, no injections are required;...
€101.93 €91.06
Diona Red
Diona Red Diona Red was created to help us lose excess fat and improve our body lines. It eliminates deposited fat through three main substances and aids in waste discharge to suppress cellulite generation.The vial contains innocuous compounds that are...
DR. LIPO + DR. LIPO + is a revolutionary fat dissolving product with 99.8% material purity and 98% deoxycholate purity that quickly removes subcutaneous fat. It has a dual action in that it not only increases metabolism but also naturally...
€82.33 €60.52
DR. LIPO + V (Face)
DR. LIPO + V (Face) DR. LIPO + V (Face) is a fat-dissolving lipolytic solution that is one of the most effective and safe on the market. It combats obesity in two ways: by increasing metabolism and naturally melting fat...
€81.00 €60.63
Eclafin V
Eclafin V Introducing Eclafin V, the ultimate solution for sagging skin! Formulated with a powerful blend of key ingredients including Sodium Deoxycholate, Carnitine, Caffeine, Aesculus Hippocastanum (Horse Chestnut) extract, Betula Alba leaf extract, Ophiopogon Japonicus root extract, and walnut extract,...
F&B Premium V-Line For Face
F&B Premium V-Line For Face F&B Premium V-Line For Face represents an innovative solution highly effective in achieving a refined and smooth facial contour.It eliminates and controls excess fat, addressing issues such as the removal of surplus fat following facial...
Hyamely Fat Dissolving
Hyamely  Fat Dissolving Introducing Hyamely  Fat Dissolving. Fat dissolving solution containing synthesised deoxycholic acid, which is naturally found in the body and is used in the breakdown of cholesterol. When this product is injected into the body, it causes lysis...
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Jade Natural Lipo Face/Body
Jade Natural Lipo Face/Body A high-quality aesthetic solution is offered by Jade™ Lipo; Jade Natural Lipo Face/Body which facilitates the breakdown of fat in a natural manner. This painless injection, derived from natural extracts, comes with no adverse effects. Unlike...
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KABELLINE Kabelline is extremely slenderizing, removing excess fat with precision. It is an exact replica of the FDA-approved Kybella and provides the same results without the hassle of comparison. Kabelline is a lipolytic contouring serum that aids in the reduction of...
€91.03 €60.45
Kairax 365 Lab
Kairax 365 Lab Introducing Kairax 365 Lab: Your One-Stop Shop for Targeted Fat Loss. This is a new injectable that uses a highly effective mechanism to breach fat cell membranes, remove H2O, and break down TGs, resulting in obvious and long-lasting...
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LEMON BOTTLE LIPOLYTIC (ORDER OF 5 MEANS A PACK OF 10ML X 5 VIALS) Lemon bottle lipolytic is a cutting-edge premium fat dissolving solution that will change the way you think about fat decomposition. Lemonbottle increases fat cell metabolism, speeding...
€65.37 €30.45
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LIGHT FIT LIPO Light Fit Lipo is a fantastic way to lose up to 3 mm of stubborn fat without causing any discomfort. It's an excellent solution for local fat accumulation, achieving noticeable results in as little as 7 days....
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