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Introducing Revofil FIne. Revofil Dermal Filler Cross Lined Hyaluronic Acid Injection is of the highest quality and Korean-branded, with three levels of specification: Fine, Plus, and Ultra. One unit is contained in each 1.0 mL vial, and one syringe is contained in each 2.0 mL syringe.

What is the purpose of REVOFIL ?

REVOFIL is commonly used by doctors to treat moderate to deep wrinkles, such as nasolabial folds, and to shape facial features. This medical device could help with skin hydration, pore contraction, pigmentation reduction, and protection against pigmentation and other skin imbalances. REVOFIL has been shown to effectively reduce wrinkles on the face, neck, and decollate, as well as other ageing signs.

What is the function of REVOFIL ?

REVOFIL contains hyaluronic acid, which promotes hydration and volume, reduces wrinkles, and acts as an antioxidant to protect skin from free radicals. Peptides in dermal fillers help to inhibit hyaluronidase, allowing Hyaluronic Acid to stay in the body for a longer period of time. Amino acids, vitamins, and minerals nourish the skin and stimulate cell growth, resulting in suppleness and rejuvenation. Furthermore, it inhibits melanin synthesis and fades skin pigmentation such as age spots and freckles, assisting in the prevention of new dark spots.


Start REVOFIL FINE for a patient with three treatments spaced four weeks apart. Treatments should be repeated twice to three times per year to maintain results. Depending on the skin's characteristics, six treatments at two-week intervals may be required to begin, followed by five or six sessions yearly for maintenance.

What is the best way to use REVOFIL ?

REVOFIL injections should only be performed by qualified medical personnel. Before injecting, disinfect the area and, if necessary, apply a topical or local anaesthetic. Holding the needle at a 30-degree angle to the wrinkle, slowly inject REVOFIL before removing the needle. Use serial puncturing, serial threading, linear threading, or cross-hatching techniques to avoid overcorrection. If the dermal filler is injected too deeply, lumps or bluish discoloration may form.

After injecting REVOFIL FINE, gently massage the area to conform it to the tissue. Press against the bone or pinch between your fingers to undo over-correction. Apply an ice pack for several minutes to reduce swelling. Remember that REVOFIL is only for one-time use, so throw away the needle and any extra product. Because cross-contamination is a possibility, never re-sterilize or reuse the syringe contents. More injection information can be found in the product guide.


Lip shaping and lifting, as well as rejuvenation It is a simple way to give your lips a fuller, smoother appearance while also reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also helps to even out skin tone and texture around the lips, resulting in a healthier, more youthful pout.


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