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Power Delete

Power Delete is a product crafted to diminish body fat in facial and body regions. The included deoxycholic acid induces lipolysis in specific body areas, metabolizing and eliminating excess fat. This results in an immediate "burning" effect on localized fat tissue and body contouring. Crucially, Power Delete also robustly firms, rejuvenates, and stimulates the skin, averting the occurrence of loose skin post fat loss—an issue often seen in the chin and sagging cheeks, known as hamsters. Power Delete's unique composition stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis without causing post-procedure swelling. This leads to clearer, sharper facial features, defining the correct facial contour while enhancing skin firmness, regeneration, and hydration.

Intended Use:

- Nourishment for needy skin
- Chin reduction
- Hamster reduction
- Addressing flaccid skin
- Wrinkle reduction
- Addressing excessively dry skin
- Managing excess body fat

Power Delete Composition:

- Deoxycholic acid: Supports fat metabolism
- Disodium Adenosine Phosphate: Regenerates the skin and participates in collagen synthesis
- Adenosine Triphosphate: Aids in skin regeneration and improves firmness
- Tyrosine: Evens skin tone
- Walnut seed extract: Softens the epidermis
- Chestnut bark extract: Eliminates swelling, prevents wrinkle formation
- Bladder wrack extract: Accelerates fat burning, moisturizes
- Japanese lily of the valley root extract: Regenerates, moisturizes, soothes

Package Contents:

- 1 ampoule of 10 ml

This product is intended for use by professionals only. By making a purchase, you affirm that you are a doctor or cosmetologist with training in the field of aesthetic medicine.


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Power Delete
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