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Kabelline is extremely slenderizing, removing excess fat with precision. It is an exact replica of the FDA-approved Kybella and provides the same results without the hassle of comparison. Kabelline is a lipolytic contouring serum that aids in the reduction of moderate to severe fat on the face and torso. It creates a natural, precise facial line by reducing excess lipids/fat. It is a homoeopathic remedy that aids in the treatment of obesity and related dyslipidemias.

This opulent contouring serum contains Deoxycholic Acid, an FDA-approved fat-dissolving agent that is both safe and effective. With this non-invasive treatment, you can expect guaranteed slimming results and visibly improved facial contours! A typical treatment with this top-tier lipolytic medicine consists of six sessions. Each one is finished after a minimum of one week. So you should look at images of kabelline before and after. Our fat-reducing contouring serum is used by a certified plastic surgeon to treat areas of the body and face that are prone to fat accumulation but difficult to tone with exercise, diets, or other surgeries such as liposuction. Our mesotherapy injection procedure is meticulous.

It prevents edoema through a non-invasive process that uses safe ingredients. Furthermore, KABELLINE has received rave reviews!

Produced in accordance with international standards by a reputable company

    Amount: 5 vials / 8ml

    Usage: Double chin, Abdomen, Inner thighs, outer thighs, upper arms, shoulders

    Location: Korea 

    Shipping: International

    €91.03 €86.16

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