Collium 1X1ml

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Collium 1X1ml

Collium 1X1ml is a fusion term derived from "Collagen" and "Volume," symbolizing its objective to promote voluminous skin alongside collagen. Collagen, a crucial protein constituent of the body's connective tissues (such as blood vessels, bones, muscles, and teeth), serves various purposes, including enhancing skin beauty, preventing arterial hardening, and improving joint health. At the heart of Collium lies Atelo Collagen, closely resembling the collagen present in the skin's epidermis, boasting a remarkable 99% similarity. By eliminating antigenic telopeptides to minimize immune reactions, it effectively infuses collagen into sagging skin, not only augmenting volume but also stimulating the generation and metabolism of other skin cells, thus enhancing skin tone and elasticity.

Advantages and Impacts
- Biocompatibility
- Skin Revitalization
- Versatile Usage

Active Components
Atelo Collagen 30mg/ml

Collium 1X1ml Application Areas
- Entire face
- Neck
- Back of hands
* The recommended maximum amount per treatment is 1ml.

Usage Instructions
1. Mesotherapy Treatment:
Administering Collium into the full epidermal or basal layers of the face proves suitable for clients seeking overall skin rejuvenation, acne scar healing, firmer and smoother skin, and improved skin tone. This method addresses general skin damage and fosters a more youthful and even complexion. This procedure can be conducted using a Meso gun, allowing for depth and volume pre-setting, or through techniques like Nappage, which injects into the epidermal layer, and Papule, which targets the basal layer.

2. Collagen Injectable Biostimulator:
Unlike HA (Hyaluronic Acid) fillers that can be injected from the epidermal layer to the muscular fascial layer based on client needs, Collium, owing to its product characteristics, is not recommended for injections deeper than the epidermis.

- Collium 1X1ml:
Injecting Collium into the dermis layer of the skin is feasible, emphasizing thin and small amount injections. Using 1ml of Collium for the entire face is advised. However, deeper injections require more Collium to achieve the same effect, which is not recommended due to potential side effects like nodules. Injecting too deeply can lead to complications, so it's suggested to limit injections to a maximum of 1ml per session.

- Collium + Reglory PDRN:
Combining Collium with skin booster products or non-crosslinked HA (Hyaluronic Acid) products such as Reglory PDRN, Kiara Reju, or Hyaron is recommended. This combination offers various skin enhancements, including improved elasticity, wrinkle reduction, skin revitalization, and brightening.

Procedure Steps:
1. Thoroughly disinfect the treatment area.
2. Apply topical anesthesia if needed.
3. Use a disposable Syringe Mixing Tube to mix thoroughly.
4. Attach needles to the syringe.
5. Inject the predetermined amount into the treatment area based on the physician's discretion.
6. After injection, massage the treatment area for even distribution of the substance.

Treatment Schedule
4 sessions spaced 3 months apart

Recommended Needle Gauge

Collium 1X1ml Composition
Syringe: 1ml x 1ea

Expiration Date
36 months from the production date

Storage Conditions
- Store away from direct sunlight.
- Keep in a cool, dry place at temperatures between 2 and 28 ℃.

Warnings and Precautions
This product should only be administered by trained professionals or physicians.
As this product is a medical device, customs clearance may vary based on each country's regulations. Verify the customs clearance procedures in your country before placing an order.


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Collium 1X1ml
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