Syringe Mixing Tube

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Syringe Mixing Tube

A SYRINGE MIXING TUBE is a medical device designed for the seamless mixing or transfer of pharmaceutical solutions between syringes without any risk of leakage. It facilitates the preparation of various substances such as skin boosters (PDRN, collagen, PCL, etc.), fillers, and BTX, among others.

This device also enables the subdivision of medications from a larger syringe into smaller ones without any risk of leakage. Each unit is individually packaged and undergoes E.O. sterilization, ensuring its safety for single-use only, and prohibiting any reuse.

Key Features:
- Enables direct contact with pharmaceutical solutions
- Facilitates solution mixing and transfer

Instructions for Use:
1. Preparation before Use:
- Check the integrity of the individual package.
- Ensure the product is within the validity period.
- Wear sterile single-use gloves.

2. Instruction for Use:
- Remove the sterile packaging of the mixing tube.
- Connect one end of the mixing tube to a solution-contained syringe.
- Connect the other end of the mixing tube to another solution-contained syringe.
- Mix the two solutions by pushing the plungers back and forth.
- Discard the mixing tube after use.

- Available in packs of 5EA, 10EA, 50EA, and 100EA (Note: The 100EA option includes a folded box suitable for storing 100 units, excluding the box when ordering less than 100 units)

Expiry Date:
- 36 months from the production date

Storage Temperature:
- Discard after single use.

Warnings and Precautions:
- Do not use expired products.
- Do not reuse or attempt to re-sterilize for reuse.


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Syringe Mixing Tube
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