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Introducing STARFILL PLUS LIDO. CE-Certified Hyaluronic Acid HA Dermal Filler with Lidocaine, Deep+, Implant+, and Plus+ are available as Starfill. 1 mL*1 syringe per package.

24mg of Lido 0.3 percent Hyaluronic Acid

Indications include the nasolabial folds, the chin, and the body contour.

Implant for 12 months; deep for 6 to 12

Starfill Plus Lido is a stabilised, safe, and effective hyaluronic acid-based dermal filler with medical certification. It allows for even injections, resulting in a natural appearance and volume. It is absorbed into the skin over time, enhancing its substance, resilience, and realism.

Starfill is a skin-injectable hyaluronic acid filler of superior quality.

This potent medication is an exceptional wrinkle treatment that targets deep to severe wrinkles.


1. raw materials that are secure and managed along separate lines

2. The purest form of HA to ensure durability and prevent swelling

3. Increased viscoelasticity for accurate lifting.

4. Technology to generate molecular size homogeneity for superior anti-aging

5. A perfect cross-linking procedure makes it impossible to detect any residual chemical catalyst.

6. The manufacturing environment must be aseptic in order to avoid adverse effects.

7. Concentrations of endotoxin less than 0.1 EU/mL.

8. To reduce injection pain, maintain the same pH and osmotic pressure as the human body.

For a flawless procedure, the injection pressure must be optimised. The product is effective and safe for long-term use, making it the best option for optimal skin health and beauty.

STARFILL filler is commonly used to enhance the lips, as evidenced by the positive reviews it has received.

Starfill Deep Plus 1.1ml*1Syringe/box
Starfill Implant Plus 1.1ml*1Syringe/box
Starfill Plus 1.1ml*1Syringe/box

Location: Korea 

Shipping: Globally ( International)

€60.26 €51.39

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