Selastin Fillrise

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Selastin Fillrise

Selastin Fillrise. Advanced Body Contouring Solution. This filler stands at the forefront of body contouring innovation, offering a meticulously crafted filler solution tailored specifically for shaping, sculpting, and correcting a wide range of aesthetic imperfections on the body. Formulated with highly purified and stabilized hyaluronic acid (HA), SELASTIN FILLRISE sets a new standard in safety and effectiveness, boasting the highest level of purification technology to ensure optimal results with minimal risk.


1. Augmentation of breasts, buttocks, and hips
2. Reshaping of the body contours
3. Smoothing of the skin and reduction of cellulite
4. No requirement for general anesthesia
5. Minimization of incisions and scars
6. Expedited recovery period compared to traditional plastic surgery
7. Prefilled syringe for precise and accurate body contouring

Ideal Applications for SELASTIN FILLRISE:
- Correcting asymmetry in the buttocks and hips
- Addressing uneven skin texture and cellulite
- Enhancing undefined body contours
- Genital contour correction (labia majora enlargement, penis enhancement)
- Restoration of subcutaneous tissue post-liposuction
- Correcting funnel chest and asymmetric calves
- Treating atrophic skin changes due to surgery or trauma
- Softening angular appearance of implants

Cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid (HA) - 20 mg/ml

1 box containing 1 syringe of 10 ml

Store away from direct sunlight and moisture, maintaining a temperature range of 1-30°C for optimal preservation.


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Selastin Fillrise
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