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Selastin Filler

Selastin Filler utilizes advanced crosslinking techniques with carefully optimized reaction conditions, minimizing the need for crosslinking agents, thus ensuring safety and compatibility with the human body. Furthermore, our product line is meticulously designed to provide consistent, smooth injection power and tailored viscoelastic properties for various applications, ensuring formulation stability and optimal results for each specific area of use.

This SelastinTM range offers patients a safe and gratifying cosmetic experience while enhancing their willingness to undergo treatment.

HA Raw Material Features:

1) Safety:
Our hyaluronic acid (HA) raw materials, used in SelastinTM, are derived from medical-grade sources and undergo fermentation, ensuring safety. They are non-GMO and comply with rigorous safety standards set by the European Pharmacopeia (EP), Japan Pharmacopeia (JP), and Chinese national standards. Our sodium hyaluronate additives have received approval from the State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) in China.

2) High Purity:
The quality of our filler raw material HA exceeds the European Pharmacopoeia standard, with stringent impurity management protocols in place.

3) High Standard Production:
We adhere to international standards with United States Drug Master Files (DMF), European Union Certificates of Suitability (CEP), Korea's Korea Drug Master Files (KDMF), and Japan's Pharmacopoeia, among others. Our production facilities are pre-registered for both raw materials and medicines, and we maintain ISO certifications for energy management (ISO 50301), environmental management (ISO 14001), and occupational health and safety (OHSAS 18001).

SelastinTM Technology Differentiation and Product Excellence:

SelastinTM employs innovative crosslinking technology that maximizes efficiency while minimizing the use of crosslinking agents, ensuring safety and biocompatibility. Our product line is carefully formulated to offer consistent injection performance and tailored viscoelasticity for various applications, ensuring stability and optimal outcomes. This approach enhances patient satisfaction and confidence in treatment.

Selastin Fillers:

- Selastin Fine
- Selastin Deep
- Selastin Ultra


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Selastin Filler
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