Rejubella – PDO dermal filler – PDO 150 mg + CMC 150 mg (5 vials)

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Rejubella – PDO dermal filler – PDO 150 mg + CMC 150 mg (5 vials)

Introducing Rejubella – PDO dermal filler – PDO 150 mg + CMC 150 mg (5 vials). Rejubella PDO dermal filler is composed of a hyaluronic acid polymer gel derived from a novel form of PDO, which has demonstrated stability over a century. The primary goal of Rejubella PDO filler is to stimulate collagen synthesis and maintain volume, effectively addressing underlying volume deficiencies by rejuvenating collagen levels.

Key Features:

- Premium-grade PDO powder filler
- Utilizes patented technology for producing PDO polymeric microspheres
- Safe and biodegradable
- Promotes continuous collagen production

The product boasts uniform microsphere PDO particles, featuring smooth, spherical surfaces. Each vial contains PDO (polydioxanone) 150 mg combined with CMC 150 mg, and is equipped with a 26G cannula.

- Particle Size: 10-60 micrometers
- Utilizes HYALURON handle, with a pressure of 6.5 bar
- Each vial has a capacity of 300mg
- Product type: Powder (to be mixed with 5 ml of saline or sterile water); must be used within two hours of mixing and can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours

Benefits include enhanced stability (leading to fewer side effects) and ease of use. The detailed procedure involves adding 5 ml of sterile water (saline) to one vial using a syringe with a sterilized needle, shaking the vial after adding water, and utilizing it within two hours. Once opened, the product can be used across the face for up to 24 hours.

Infusion Volume:
- Each 1ml can be used in six areas

Depth of Infusion:
- Administered between the epidermis and dermis

The total volume after adding saline or sterile water to one vial is 5 ml.


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Rejubella – PDO dermal filler – PDO 150 mg + CMC 150 mg (5 vials)
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