Rejeunesse Sparkle

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Rejeunesse Sparkle

Rejeunesse Sparkle is a lightweight dermal filler designed to address age-related skin concerns, commonly utilized for facial bio-enhancement and vector lifting procedures. It is particularly favored for lip augmentation and contouring. This filler serves as an effective moisturizer for the skin layer, targeting fine wrinkles, smoothing age-related skin defects, and proving its efficacy as part of anti-aging therapy.

Formulated with hyaluronic acid produced through biofermentation, Rejeunesse Sparkle boasts the lightest consistency among dermal fillers. A meticulous multi-stage purification process results in an extremely homogeneous skin gel with hypoallergenic properties, devoid of adverse side effects such as swelling, irritation, or immune reactions. The gel is transparent, elastic, viscous, odorless, and colorless, with a hyaluronic acid concentration of 20 mg/ml, a 3% reticulation, and lidocaine hydrochloride at 0.3%. Each package contains 3 syringes, each filled with a sterile 2.5 ml solution of the product.

Rejeunesse Sparkle functions as an outstanding bioimmigrant, primarily enhancing facial contours and stimulating collagen fiber production by dermal fibroblasts, along with elastin synthesis. The filler reinforces the facial structure, combats flabbiness and sagging, and deeply hydrates skin layers, enhancing elasticity and firmness. Results are visible within 1-2 months post-procedure and endure until the filler is fully absorbed.

Additionally, Rejeunesse Sparkle boasts potent antioxidant properties, safeguarding the skin against oxidative stress. By compensating for the skin's depleted hyaluronic acid levels, this filler maintains intercellular balance.

- Minimal side effects
- Rare occurrences of edema and complications
- High biocompatibility, reducing the risk of rejection
- Long-lasting results lasting 8-10 months
- Cost-effective compared to similar hyaluronic acid-based preparations for facial enhancement

The effects of Rejeunesse Sparkle are noticeable from the first application, resulting in evident improvements in skin tone, elasticity, firmness, and hydration. Each package contains 3 syringes, each filled with a sterile 2.5 ml solution of the product.


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Rejeunesse Sparkle
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