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PowerFill represents an innovative breakthrough from the South Korean laboratory Regen Biotech. This pioneering filler introduces globular particles of polylactic acid (PLA), distinctly stimulating neocollagenesis. Notably, the PowerFill filler yields effects lasting from two to five years, while naturally dissolving within one and a half to two years, fostering robust collagen formation. The material composing the filler ensures absolute safety and hypoallergenicity.


Instantaneous Effectiveness

Convenience and Speed

Tailored to Individual Requirements

Extensively Employed in Medical Practice for Over a Decade

No Post-treatment Recovery Needed

No Preparation Required Prior to Procedure


1. Understanding Biodegradable Materials:

The term "biodegradable" refers to materials capable of decomposing via the actions of bacteria, fungi, and other organisms, seamlessly returning to the natural environment without causing harm. Common examples of biodegradable materials utilized in medical contexts include PLLA, PLGA, PLA, PGA, PDO, and PCL.

2. Unveiling PLA:

PLA (Poly-Lactic Acid, Polylactide) stands as an aliphatic thermoplastic polymer sourced entirely from renewable resources such as corn and potato starch. Through polymerization, PLA yields Poly (L-lactic acid) (PLLA) and Poly (D-lactic acid) (PDLA). The widely commercialized Polylactide variant in the market is PLLA. Medical substances incorporating biodegradable PLA can naturally degrade within the body post-function, eliminating the need for surgical removal and averting potential chronic complications associated with non-degradable polymers.

3. Principle:

The underlying principle of PowerFill mirrors conventional fillers: the substance is injected into the subcutaneous fat layer. However, Polylactic acid provokes irritation and activates fibroblasts, instigating neocollagenesis. The resultant collagen forms a robust framework, bolstering volume and lifting the treated area. Moreover, Fillers based on polylactic acid serve to compensate for soft tissue deficiencies and may serve as alternatives to implants.


– Tissue augmentation on cheekbones, cheeks, for facial contouring – Hand rejuvenation

– Butt shape correction

– Tissue replenishment on shins

– Rectification of asymmetry

Duration of Effectiveness: Ranging from 2 to 5 years

The impact of the PowerFill filler persists from two to five years, with the filler itself gradually dissolving within a year and a half to two years, fostering a sturdy collagen scaffold.


Low blood clotting

Diabetes mellitus

Presence of wounds, cuts, burns, or multiple skin lesions in the intended injection site

Oenological diseases

Allergic reaction to lactic acid


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