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Placein M Inj

Introducing Placein M Inj. Inspired by ancient Chinese placenta medicine, Korea stands out as a pioneer in placenta research, boasting the most advanced modern placenta technology. Recognized globally as a leading manufacturer of placenta products, Korea, with its comprehensive placenta technology, has become a key player in the world market. One such product, Placein Human Placenta, approved by the KFDA and manufactured by Daehan New Pharm, stands out for its rich content of amino acids, active peptides, growth factors, and repair factors.

This product, administered through subcutaneous injection, undergoes a regimen of one vial every two days for the first month, followed by three injections per week for the remaining duration. A complete treatment consists of 50 vials, equivalent to 5 boxes, with each box containing 10 vials.

Placein M, a favored choice among political figures, business elites, and entertainers in South Korea, revitalizes energy and comprehensively regulates various bodily functions through the circulation of the human body. Its applications extend to enhancing beauty, boosting resistance, regulating endocrine functions, and delaying premature aging of internal organs.

Placein M Inj Manufacturer: Daehan New Pharm

Product Composition: Placein Human Placenta Extract 100 mg / 1 vial

Packaging: 2 ml x 10 ampoules/ Box

Key Components of Placein M:

1. Nucleic Acid:
Playing a crucial role in cell growth and proliferation, nucleic acid influences the normal metabolism of skin tissue, promoting cell viability and repairing damaged cells. It is a determining factor in the cellular aging process.

2. Amino Acids:
With over 30 amino acids, including 8 essential ones, amino acids form the basic building blocks of proteins in human cells. They contribute to tissue repair, the constitution of enzymes and hormones, and serve as an energy source.

3. Natural Placental Immune Protein:
Placein M Inj is rich in proteins like HGG, TSH, prolactin, steroid hormone, and antibody protein, it aids women with severe skin aging by improving sexual function, delaying vaginal mucosa thinning, and healing endocrine disorders.

4. Cell Growth Factor Population:
Abundant in growth factors such as EGF, BFGF, PDGF, TGF, and IGF, these factors stimulate the production and division of specific cells, leading to skin improvement, enhanced metabolism, and radiant skin.

5. Multi-type Collagen and Nutrients:
Enriched with various types of collagen, this product addresses the reduction of skin toughness and elasticity that comes with aging, restoring skin suppleness and resilience.


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Placein M Inj
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