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Pistor Eliance (Please Kindly Contact Customer Support to purchase this product) (Comes with free stabilizer box of 100)

Pistor Eliance has an ergonomic design to serve the practitioner and the patient created in close collaboration with mesotherapy practitioners and a design office. With PISTOR Eliance, doctors can treat patients more comfortably, more effectively, and with less weariness.
Gun use is especially quiet and gentle, causing almost no pain for patients, even in sensitive areas like the face or scalp.
The electronics built into PISTOR Eliance make it simple and accurate to change the injection volume, injection time, and penetration depth.
PISTOR Eliance prevents product waste with an integrated, automatic anti-leak system that activates following each injection.

Simple and adaptable programming
To facilitate the user, the previous configuration is retained.
The ergonomic control panel of the PISTOR Eliance allows for tactile control management and quick and simple programming, allowing users to choose from six pre-programmed injection modes. The extremely accurate settings make it easier to implement the treatment and guarantee its exceptional dependability.

Power making all medical procedures possible
With its cutting-edge components, PISTOR Eliance is appropriate for injecting viscous solutions, like hyaluronic acid (viscosity index: 5,500 Pa/s).

The Pilot Eliance Its design makes it easier to use in all treatment scenarios:
Being ambidextrous means that one can use one's left or right hand with ease.
Every country: The new generation battery can be charged using power supplies that are 110 V/60 Hz or 220 V/50 Hz.
Safe : When PISTOR Eliance detects a problem during operation, it immediately goes into standby mode.
Multidisciplinary: appropriate for general medicine, sports medicine, trauma therapy, pain management, aesthetic medicine, etc.

Universal AC Input/ Full range INPUT 100-240 VAC - 50-60 Hz -0,8A OUTPUT 12V 2,50A 30W max. Standards : EN60601-1 – IEC 60601-1 and UL.
WEIGHT: 480 grams
BATTERY: Lithium ion 2200 mAh 7,4V Autonomy: 36 hours
Battery life : 2 hours max.
Duration : 5 years
RANGE OF NEEDLES: 4 mm, 6 mm, 13 mm all diameters.
RANGE OF SYRINGES: Centered Luer cone syringe without Luer lock : 10 ml, 5 ml, 2.5 ml, 2 ml, 1 ml.

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Pistor Eliance
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