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Pistor 4 (Please Kindly Contact Customer Support to purchase this product) (Comes with Stabilizer box of 100)

With its interactive, ergonomic keyboard and haptic command management, Pistor 4 enables precise, quick programming. All four pre-programmed injection modes let you perform mesotherapy. The injection time, volume, and penetration depth may all be easily and precisely adjusted thanks to the on-board electronics.

Thanks to a lithium-ion battery, the new Pistor 4 has an extended battery life (more than 36 hours) and a quick charge time (maximum 2 hours). To optimise range, the microcontroller constantly checks on and adjusts the motor.

Multidisciplinary: MI I Medical Innovation, a leader in mesotherapy innovation, creates cutting-edge electromechanical injectors that, since 1982, have completely changed the mesotherapy industry. Numerous fields of application in trauma treatment, analgesics, and aesthetics are made possible by the new Pistor 4.

Efficiency: 0.005 ml in topping mode, 0.0285 ml in dosage mode, and 0.0285 ml in mesoperfusion mode correspond to the injection volume accuracy.
Continuous mode: Completely vibration-free injections minimise patient pain.
Injection rate up to 300 strokes per minute for a maximum depth of 4 mm is the topping mode.
The slow sequenced mesotherapy mode, or mesoperfusion mode.

Wireless and absolutely ergonomics. Without a question, the new Pistor 4 is a Pistor, providing the ideal balance of ergonomics and functionality. Furthermore, the upgraded Pistor 4 acquires complete ambidexterity. a change of depth that permits depth adjustments while receiving therapy. The R&D division of MI I Medical Innovation gave special consideration to the following aspects of the design while creating the new Pistor 4 to ensure that it fulfilled all user expectations:

The ergonomics of the trigger have received special attention in an effort to improve injection sensitivity and precision, with a size that accommodates various morphologies. improved sealing to prevent goods from penetrating the instrument's core.

The handle's configuration enables complete ambidexterity. Particularly when gloves are worn, the look and surface treatment offer a pleasant grip and excellent anti-slip properties.
The needle pump: efficiency in syringe holding, especially when the syringe needle assembly is being installed. Predefined imprints allow for the use of any syringe diameter.
Cover of the slide: Maximum restriction on product, dust, and other penetration into the instrument's core to ensure long-term use and preserve the integrity of the new Pistor 4's essential components.
The plate: Blue anodization reduces filth and rust caused by using specific products.

Feature aspects
Injection methods: Injection Dosage Injection Burst Injection fusing of meso Ongoing Injection
The needle range is 4 mm, 6 mm, and 13 mm.
Selection of syringes 3 corps: 10 ml, 5 ml, 3 ml, 2 ml, 1 ml; Cône LUER centré


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Pistor 4
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