Petaran Poly Exocomplex for Skin/Hair

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Petaran Poly Exocomplex for Skin/Hair

Petaran Poly Exocomplex for Skin/Hair. Experience the rejuvenation of scalp function. Vial 1 – 135mg x Vial 2 – 5ml.

Achieve Lush Hair, Transform the Scalp Environment, and Normalize the Hair Cycle.

Skin Renewal Lyophilized Powder

Vial 1 – 135mg x Vial 2 – 5ml

Embark on the journey to regenerate your skin.

Enhance Dermal Density, Address Pigmentation, Smooth Fine Lines, and Relieve Acne Scars.


Facilitating cell-to-cell communication through small extracellular vesicles (EVs).

These vesicles carry nutrients that trigger regeneration, encompassing various essential components.


PDRN acts as a 'key,' unlocking diverse tissue regeneration pathways. With DNA fragments bearing a remarkable 95% similarity to human DNA, it activates tissue regeneration and exhibits anti-inflammatory effects.

Material :

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