PDX 2 Skin Booster Whitening

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PDX 2 Skin Booster Whitening 

PDX 2 Skin Booster Whitening Skin Booster is a highly effective solution for achieving radiant and bright skin. Offering simultaneous benefits of skin regeneration, hydration, firming, and whitening, this skin booster addresses damaged skin, promoting inner skin health for a natural radiance.

By actively supplying nutrients to the dermis layer, PDX 2 Skin Booster Whitening Skin Booster delivers PDRN, CICA-EXO, and Vitamin Peptide Complex to tired and aged skin affected by external factors. This premium skin booster effectively penetrates damaged skin, reinforcing the skin barrier, and providing regeneration, hydration, whitening, and nutrient supply, triggering an anti-inflammatory response.

Key Efficacy and Effects:
- Regeneration
- Whitening
- Moisturizing
- Firming

Active Ingredients:
- Exosome
- Vitamin Peptide Complex
- Glutathione
Sodium Hyaluronate

Benefits of PDX 2 Skin Booster Whitening:

1. Strengthens the skin barrier and promotes excellent skin regeneration through the combined action of PDRN and CICA-EXO.
2. Rapid absorption of active ingredients deep into the skin, thanks to CICA-EXO's exceptional ability to deliver nutrients to other cells.
3. Transforms the skin, making it whiter, cleaner, and clearer, aided by the Vitamin Peptide Complex.
4. Boosts skin moisturization from within, delivering moisture to deep layers and enhancing moisture retention to hydrate the skin and reduce wrinkles.

Exosome, the core component of stem cell cultures, plays a vital role in delivering active ingredients to other cells. With a double lipid membrane structure smaller than skin pores, exosomes provide high absorption, containing various substances such as proteins, DNA, mRNA, lipid, and transmitting genetic information between cells.

CICA-EXO (Exosome) is derived from Centella Asiatica through patented technology, offering a safe and highly absorbable ingredient. Centella Asiatica contributes to soothing sensitive skin, improving skin problems, balancing sebum, and preventing oily skin.

PDRN, extracted from Salmon Sperm DNA, is a revolutionary ingredient with a composition similar to human DNA. It is popular in dermatology for its anti-aging effects, clinical results in wrinkle reduction, skin firming, scar improvement, freckle reduction, and pigmentation treatment.

Vitamin Peptide Complex, a proprietary ingredient of D'LEXQ, inhibits melanin pigment formation, improving skin complexion, and promoting skin whitening and glowing.

PDX 2 Skin Booster Whitening Treatment Protocols:

1. Topical Application – Daily use at home:
- Apply toner to the skin.
- Open the ampoule and apply the booster to the face and neck for absorption.
- Finish with a cream after absorption.

2. Micro-needling Mesotherapy:
- Apply toner to the skin.
- Open the ampoule.
- Use MTS roller or dermapen, focusing on specific areas or treating the entire face, neck, and cleavage.

Frequency of Use:
- Recommended once every 2-3 weeks, up to a total of 10 times, depending on skin condition.
- Apply evenly over the entire face, neck, and cleavage.
- Short downtime with possible redness on the day of treatment.
- Precautions after use within 24 hours: avoid makeup, hot tub, sauna, etc., and refrain from strenuous exercise.

Product Details:

Package Size: 1 box contains 5 vials, each 5 ml.
Country of Origin: Republic of Korea.


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PDX 2 Skin Booster Whitening
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