PAGC 101 Powder

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PAGC 101 Powder

PAGC 101 Powder is a cutting-edge mesotherapy medication that is largely manufactured with glyceollin, a powerful chemical known for its exceptional skin-whitening effects. This revolutionary product not only improves complexion by addressing pigmentation, but it also successfully treats acne-prone skin, redness, and atopic dermatitis symptoms.

Glyceollins are naturally occurring chemicals identified in particular soybean nodules that belong to the prenylated pterocarpan family. They are elicited in response to symbiotic infections and contribute to the defence system of soybean.

Extensive medical research has confirmed that glyceollins have phytoalexin qualities with significant antiestrogenic action, as well as inhibitory effects on breast and ovarian malignancies. As a result, numerous pharmaceutical companies are currently investigating the potential of glyceollin in the creation of anticancer drugs.

Glyceollin is an important ingredient in skincare. It helps to achieve a dramatically fairer skin tone while also calming and alleviating concerns including acne scarring, flushing, and atopic dermatitis.

PAGC 101 Powder is packaged in three 5ml bottles of glyceollin moisturising ampoules and three vials of 5g glycyrrhizin pain-relieving powder. Before beginning the operation, combine the ampoule with the powder and gently agitate the mixture. Following that, using an adequate needle, carefully inject the amalgam into the desired treatment locations such as the cheeks, forehead, or temples. Following the injection, there is immediate skin lightening, followed by quick absorption into the surrounding areas.

PAGC 101Powder, a pioneering mesotherapy product meant to revitalise your skin and provide a more radiant and even complexion, represents the future of skincare. Unlock the power of glyceollin today for breakthrough skincare results.


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PAGC 101 Powder
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