P198 Exohealer Filcore SB (Lyophilized Exosome)

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P198 Exohealer Filcore SB (Lyophilized Exosome)

P198 Exohealer Filcore SB (Lyophilized Exosome), a lyophilized exosome (powder) with a volume of milliliters, offers a unique skin-boosting experience infused with cutting-edge exosome cell biotechnology. This innovative product encapsulates the essence of pure exosomes with enhanced functionality.

Boasting a formidable count of 245.7 billion exosome particles, Filcore SB Powder brings about powerful regenerative and anti-inflammatory effects. Its distinctive features encompass addressing various skin concerns such as sensitization and micro-aging, tackling issues like increased fine wrinkles, reduced elasticity, dull complexion, and dryness. The focus is on fortifying the skin's inherent resilience.

Key Features:

1. Strengthened exosome function, incorporating six types of skin growth factors.
2. Addressing the core challenge of delivering active ingredients deep into the skin.
3. Achieving optimal synergy for the activation of 49.2 billion exosomes.
4. Harnessing the potent regenerative and anti-inflammatory effects of 49.2 billion exosome particles.

Usage Instructions:

1. Combine Filcore SB Powder with 5ml of solution, normal saline, or another ampoule. Apply the mixture to the skin and allow for absorption.
2. For skin treatment, use MTS to apply the product onto the skin.
3. Since the freeze-dried powder lacks preservatives, it should be used immediately after melting.


- Human Cord Blood Cell Conditioned Media (200,000ppm)
- Mannitol
- sh-Oligopeptide-3
- sh-Oligopeptide-2
- sh-Oligopeptide-1
- rh-Polypeptide-9
- rh-Polypeptide-92
- rh-Polypeptide-15


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P198 Exohealer Filcore SB (Lyophilized Exosome)
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