Neuraderm Skin Booster 3 x 3ml

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Neuraderm Skin Booster 3 x 3ml

Introducing Neuraderm Skin Booster 3 x 3ml. Medytox has achieved remarkable success with its Neuraderm® Skinbooster aesthetic mesotherapy procedure. This procedure is effective not only for facial treatments but also for areas under heavy stress, including the neck, décolleté, and even sensitive skin on the back of the hand. Neuraderm® Skinbooster addresses both superficial wrinkles and provides deep hydration. Dry and tired skin benefits from an immediate lifting effect, filling in small wrinkles rapidly. The unique blend of active ingredients not only has a regenerating effect but also stimulates the body's natural collagen production, repairing skin damage and restoring a youthful appearance.

M. Biome represents an innovative combination of Medytox's core ingredient, M.Biome-BT, and 56 other special ingredients. Developed and manufactured using Medytox's research and development technology, M.Biome-BT is derived from peptides in the Snare complex, globally recognized for its skin-rejuvenating effects. These peptides, a key component of M.Biome-BT, are listed in the International Cosmetic Ingredient (ICID). Medytox has further researched and developed multifunctional ingredients that complement M.Biome-BT's benefits, offering comprehensive skin care to promote healthier and younger-looking skin.

Neuraderm Skin Booster 3 x 3ml Ingredients:

- M.Biome-BT
- 21 amino acids
- Glutathione
- 10 minerals
- Adenosine
- 9 vitamins
- Hyaluronic acid (HA)
- 3 nucleic acids

Medytox, since the introduction of Meditoxin® in 2006, has experienced significant growth, achieving a market share of nearly 40% in Korea since 2009. The company continues to stun the global market with its high share in the botulinum market.


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Neuraderm Skin Booster 3 x 3ml
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