Midfoint Lip Filler

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Midfoint Lip Filler

Introducing Midfoint lip filler, the pioneering monophasic hyaluronic acid filler from DNC. DNC highlights that monophasic fillers, unlike biphasic ones with a distinct volume effect, feature high elasticity and thick particles. Specifically designed for areas desiring a natural volume, Midpoint sets DNC's aspirations to emerge as Korea's leading monophasic filler, symbolizing a crucial point in achieving a beautiful appearance.

Midpoint stands out with its finely uniform particles, tailored for injection into regions with thin skin like under the eyes or lips. With excellent cohesiveness and softness, it facilitates easy and precise molding, reducing the sensation of foreign matter. It effectively covers wrinkled areas and naturally addresses volume loss areas.

The development of Midfoint Lip Filler arose from the challenge of finding a filler in the existing market with a blend of viscoelasticity, durability, and volume simultaneously. After three years of dedicated research and development, DNC successfully created Midpoint, featuring soft viscoelasticity for a natural and distinct sense of volume. It boasts unique physical properties that maintain the desired shape without post-injection movement or flow.

Kim Ji-min, head of DNC's marketing department, emphasized that Midpoint, DNC's latest product, offers a combination of soft viscoelasticity and volume, previously challenging to achieve. The product is actively promoted, highlighting its distinctive physical properties that ensure the filler maintains the desired shape without any unintended movement or flow after injection.


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Midfoint Lip Filler
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