Medisco Toktok 5X5g+5X20ml

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Medisco Toktok 5X5g+5X20ml

Introducing Medisco Toktok 5X5g+5X20ml. Medisco TokTok treatment introduces an innovative method that generates effervescent bubbles when the Gel meets the sheet, utilizing a patented technique. This treatment detoxifies the skin, offering a clearer complexion and maintaining a smooth skin texture through a unique popping care process.


- Enhances skin texture
- Promotes skin brightening
- Facilitates slimming
- Offers lifting effects
- Delivers moisturizing care

Medisco Toktok 5X5g+5X20ml Unique Feature

The Medisco TokTok pack enriches the skin with oxygen, employing CO2 penetration into blood vessels and facilitating O2 release from hemoglobin. This oxygen increase boosts skin metabolism and supports the renewal of healthy skin cells by eliminating aged cells and residues, thus preserving optimal skin balance, a process also known as the Bohr Effect.

Usage Guide

1) Start with a clean face.
2) Evenly apply 20ml of Medisco TokTok Gel over the face and neck, avoiding the eyes and mouth.
3) Place the Medisco TokTok mask sheet over the face and neck for enhanced effects.
4) Press gently to activate CO2 until the reaction completes (about 4 minutes), then let it sit for up to 15 minutes for hydration.
- Adjust the time based on skin type.
5) After 15 minutes, remove the mask and clean any leftover gel.
6) Conclude with your skincare routine.
Tip: Post-treatment, apply a generous amount of Stayve Repair Cream or Medisco Cica Cream to prevent dryness.


Medisco TokTok Gel includes ingredients like Water, Glycerin, and Centella Asiatica extracts. The TokTok Mask features Tea Tree Leaf Water and Citric Acid among others.

Package Contents

20ml Gel x 5 and 5g Mask x 5 per box

Shelf Life

- 2 years before use

Medisco Toktok 5X5g+5X20ml Precautions

- Avoid combining with other exfoliating products.
- Not recommended for very thin or sensitive skin types.
- Avoid applying to injured skin.


1) CO2's Role: CO2 application enhances facial oxygen levels, supporting skin whitening, residue removal, and slimming effects.

2) Pore Reduction: Regular use of the Medisco TokTok pack may help diminish pore size.

3) Skin Reaction: Temporary tingling and redness are normal, indicating effective treatment, which subsides to reveal clearer skin.

4) Usage Frequency: Recommended weekly for sensitive and oily skin; 1-2 times a week for dry and combination skin without adverse effects.

5) Peeling Effect: The treatment does not cause artificial peeling but facilitates natural exfoliation, enhancing skin smoothness and renewal.

6) Application: Residue should not be absorbed but wiped clean from the skin post-treatment.


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Medisco Toktok 5X5g+5X20ml
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