Matrigen Gluta Complex Ampoule 50 mls

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Matrigen Gluta Complex Ampoule 50 mls

Matrigen introduces its latest addition, the Matrigen Gluta Complex Ampoule 50 mls, as part of a new line of serums offering tailored solutions for various skin types. Learn more about this innovative serum collection in the manufacturer's presentation.

These highly concentrated Matrigen ampoules are formulated to address a range of skin concerns, leveraging diverse nutritional and functional ingredients for different skin types.

The serum ampoules ensure clean and hygienic application with a syringe-style applicator, facilitating precise volume adjustment using a 0.1 ml scale. Additionally, the attached syringe allows for convenient storage during use, preventing secondary contamination from external sources.

Matrigen's Gluta Complex Ampoule is a skin-brightening serum designed to illuminate the complexion. Enriched with "Niacinamide" and "Glutathione," renowned for their whitening properties.

Active Ingredients of Gluta Complex Ampoule:

Rice water base - Enhances skin tone, adds radiance, improves moisture, diminishes minor imperfections and spots, addresses aging signs.
Niacinamide - Brightens the skin, strengthens the skin barrier, lightens minor spots, prevents discoloration.
Glutathione - Protects against harmful substances, maintains hydration, prevents cell damage, exhibits antioxidant effects.

Indications for Gluta Complex Ampoule:

Dull complexion - Lightens and revitalizes unhealthy dark skin tone.
Sun-induced freckles - Niacinamide prevents melanin pigment migration and helps prevent pigmentation.
Desire for radiant skin - Rice bran water infuses vitality, tone, and luster into dull skin.
Persistent tightness post-toner application - Moisture replenishment and skin protection in addition to whitening.

Effect of Gluta Complex Ampoule:

Improves skin tone
Counters melanin migration
Promotes a radiant glow from within

Instructions for Use of Gluta Complex Ampoule:

Insert the syringe into the rubber stopper, draw out the desired amount.
Apply the ampoule to the desired area.
Evenly distribute the serum over the skin, allowing it to absorb thoroughly.


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Matrigen Gluta Complex Ampoule 50 mls
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