Juvéderm Volbella

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Juvéderm Volbella

Embrace the Evolution of Beauty with JUVEDERM VOLBELLA with LIDOCAINE

Discover beauty transformation with Allergan's Juvéderm Volbella with LIDOCAINE, which was introduced in 2013. It's the ideal solution for lip volume and wrinkles, thanks to Vycross technology.

A Triumph of Technology: The "Vycross" Revolution

Juvéderm Volbella with LIDOCAINE represents the pinnacle of technological advancement. The formulation is supported by the distinctive "Vycross" technology, which cleverly "glues" short and long polymeric chains of hyaluronic acid. This synthesis ensures a long-lasting and consistent result, distinguishing it from the competition.

Aesthetic Aims Achieved with Precision

JUVEDERM VOLBELLA with LIDOCAINE was created specifically for enhancing thin lips and erasing delicate mimic wrinkles around the eyes:

  1. Lip Contour Refinement: Add symmetry and volume to your lips by creating the perfect lip contour.
  2. Lip Volume Enhancement: Enjoy the allure of fuller, luscious lips.
  3. Symmetry Restoration: Say goodbye to lip asymmetry and hello to a more harmonious appearance.
  4. Periorbital Wrinkle Erasure: Gently remove folds and wrinkles around the eyes.
  5. Lip Area Rejuvenation: Remove facial wrinkles around the lips.
  6. Under-Eye Revival: Say goodbye to under-eye bags for a more youthful appearance.
  7. Lifting the Corners of the Lips: Lift the corners of your lips, embracing a revitalised smile.

Beyond Beauty: A Holistic Approach

JUVEDERM VOLBELLA with LIDOCAINE goes beyond the surface to address ageing and trauma-related issues. Its advantages include a wide range of solutions:

  1. Smooth Texture: The filler has a uniform, smooth texture that allows for easy injection and even distribution. Its controlled hydrophilicity reduces edoema, allowing for a quick recovery.
  2. Witness the disappearance of even the smallest wrinkles, revealing a revitalised, rested skin appearance.
  3. Natural Radiance: The visual effect of Juvéderm Volbella with LIDOCAINE is exceptionally natural. Skin elasticity is restored, resulting in a radiant glow.

Hyaluronic Acid: Nature's Elixir

The core of Juvéderm Volbella is a natural wonder called hyaluronic acid, which is combined with LIDOCAINE. This amazing substance forms active depots beneath the skin, plumping desired facial areas and effectively erasing voids and wrinkles. The strategic binding of long and short polymers keeps hyaluronic acid at the dermal level, extending the duration of results.

The Lidocaine Advantage: Painless Perfection

The presence of lidocaine improves the treatment experience by reducing pain. Patients can relax during the procedure, resulting in a remarkable natural rejuvenation.


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Juvéderm Volbella
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