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In contrast to ordinary skincare products, High Injection is a scientifically formulated, water-based remedy that is injected into the dermis for basic skin issues.

The most common cause of skin disorders is a lack of water. To address them, HIGH INJ contains hyaluronic acid, a powerful moisturising ingredient.

Standard skincare products have a nutritional absorption rate of less than 15%, whereas the water light needle smears the epidermis, enters the dermis, and has a nutrition absorption rate of up to 98 percent.

Who might require HIGH INJ:

  • Water deficiency in the skin
  • Fine wrinkles, cellular ageing, and the ageing process
  • Color spots are caused by a lack of water in the muscle's bottom, which is black and prone to yellowing.
  • Acne, water-oil imbalances, and oil light
  • Clogged skin channels and excessively large pores
  • Dry cell pain, dry crack, rough surface

Effect on the body:

Significantly improve the whitening and delicate skin of the face, neck, and hands, while also improving dark skin colour and effectively replenishing the moisture required on the cheek, neck, chest, back of the hand, lip, and other areas.

Reduce pores, promote elasticity, and tighten skin; full water replenishment, so skin is hydrating, soft, more youthful, and transparent; colour spots are diluted, and acne is improved.

Freckles, dark circles, acne, thick pores, and skin inflammation are all effectively addressed, and fair and tender skin is preserved for an extended period of time.

Benefits and side effects:

1. Rehydrate, whiten, tighten, and cleanse the skin.

2. It is non-invasive, scratch-free, and painless, and it aids in wrinkle reduction.

3. Moisturize thoroughly and smooth rough, dark skin.

4. The procedure is simple and quick, lasting approximately 10 minutes.

5. If there is no swelling after the injection, it can be regained.

6. anti-aging and age reversal

Content: 3 mL syringes in a box

Amount: 2.0ml*3

Location: Korea 

Shipping: Globally ( International)


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