Herbal Psoriasis Skin Cream Ointment

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Herbal Psoriasis Skin Cream Ointment 

JoyPretty Herbal Skin Cream Ointment contains antibacterial gel and is designed to relieve the symptoms of psoriasis such as itching, eczema, rash, and desquamation.

Net Psoriasis Moisturizer Cream (Psoriasis Control Moisturizer) Weight: 20 g

1. Reduce scaly skin and redness: keep skin healthy.

2. Anti-bacteria: deeply eliminate bacteria to prevent recurrence.

3. Eradicate itching: quickly relieve itchy skin.

4. Soften rough skin: by blocking skin moisture, it prevents dry and itchy skin caused by moisture loss.

Herbal Psoriasis Skin Cream Ointment Directions:

1. Apply a generous amount of Antibacterial Cream to the affected area.

2. Allow it to absorb completely.

3. Repeat daily in the morning and evening.

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1. Safe, effective, and non-harmful herbal formula.

2. Excellent raw material: more effective than standard psoriasis cream.

3. High permeability: deeply sterilised, no recrudescenc.

4. Non-toxic: no heavy meatal.

5. No side effects: suitable for all ages.

6. Delicate packaging: the flexible tube design makes it easier to use.

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1. PSEUDOLARIX KAMEPFERI ROOT BARK EXTRACT: anti-inflammation and anti-bacteria, treat persistent psoriasis, relieve itching.

2. DICTAMNUS DASYCARPUS ROOT BARK EXTRACT: used to treat purulent skin infections.

3. PHELLODENDRON CHINENSE BARK EXTRACT: Antibacterial, inhibits bacterial growth, and improves skin immunity.

4. STEMONA TUBEROSA ROOT EXTRACT: moisturises and smoothes the skin, and prevents itching caused by dry skin.

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Herbal Psoriasis Skin Cream Ointment
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