Hairna Exosome Hair Fill

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Hairna Exosome Hair Fill

Introducing Hairna Exosome Hair Fill. Unleash the potential of your hair and scalp with Hairna Exosome Hair Fill, an innovative product meticulously crafted to deliver intensive nourishment using exosomes. Our formula is rich in all the vital nutrients your scalp craves, ensuring a healthier scalp and ultimately, more luscious hair.

Key Features:
- Primary ingredients: ASC-human exosome, RSC-exosome, copper-1-tripeptide, biotin, panthenol, biotinoyl tripeptide-1, FGF2, GFR
- Application areas: anti-aging, anti-itch, wound healing, anti-inflammatory, cell proliferation, scalp barrier reinforcement, dryness prevention, hair loss prevention, hair follicle cell protection
- Application methods: Mesoscooter for precise application, needle for localized treatment
- Packaging: Each syringe contains 2.5 ml of product
- Storage: Store at room temperature
- Expiry: Shelf life of 3 years

Experience the Difference:
Hairna Exosome Hair Fill transcends traditional hair care. With its synergistic blend of exosomes, growth factors, and active ingredients, it's expertly formulated to fortify your scalp's defenses and combat hair loss. By restoring balance to an unhealthy scalp, it helps elevate overall scalp health, with lasting benefits.

Additional Active Components:

Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1: A tripeptide combining GHK with biotin, known for promoting stronger hair and nails. It offers:
1. Hair follicle activation: Stimulates keratinocyte proliferation at the follicle base, enhancing hair anchoring.
2. Gene expression stimulation: Activates the Ki-67 gene, associated with cell proliferation and tissue repair.
3. Regulation of hair cell metabolism: Boosts scalp microcirculation, facilitating better oxygen and nutrient delivery to hair follicles.

Copper Tripeptide-1: A naturally occurring copper-peptide complex in bodily fluids. It delivers:
1. Hair follicle enlargement: Stimulates follicle growth, contributing to thicker hair.
2. Hair growth cycle regulation: Extends the hair growth phase (anagen) and shortens the inactive phase (telogen).
3. DHT hormone inhibition: Blocks the conversion of testosterone to DHT, a significant factor in hair loss.

Polypeptides: These synthesized human gene replicas, including FGF2, SCF, and NOG, offer various benefits:
- Enhances fibroblast and keratinocyte cell growth and collagen synthesis.
- Regulates melanocyte survival and proliferation, ensuring natural pigment maintenance.
- Initiates the hair follicle growth phase (anagen).

Hairna Exosome Hair Fill and the Hair Growth Cycle:
Biotinoyl tripeptide-1 revolutionizes hair care with growth effects comparable to Minoxidil.

Whether you're aiming to enhance your appearance or regain your confidence, Hairna Exosome Hair Fill is the unrivaled solution you've been searching for. Embrace transformation today.


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Hairna Exosome Hair Fill
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