Guthione Inj 1200mg

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Guthione Inj 1200mg

Guthione Inj 1200mg serves as a potent antioxidant safeguarding cells and their components against oxidative stress, effectively reversing the aging process. Recognized as a secure and highly efficient depigmentant, it stands out as the safest substance for skin lightening. These injections yield positive effects on the entire body.

Hailing from South Korea, this high-quality injection is deemed the safest and most effective solution for skin lightening. Administered by a medical professional, these top-notch injections exhibit positive effects within a specific timeframe, catering to individual needs and desired skin lightening goals. The multifaceted purposes include liver protection, firming, brightening, anti-aging, and moisturizing.

Guthione Inj 1200mg Advantages:
- Attains flawless skin
- Diminishes skin pigmentation, addressing concerns like melasma, scars, adverse chemical peel effects, and chickenpox
- Promotes even skin tone and a smoother complexion
- Enhances liver function and acts as an antioxidant
- Aids in preventing eye problems, such as cataracts, corneal diseases, and optic nerve and eye tissue conditions.

In terms of skin whitening, it competes with the receptor triggering tyrosinase, inhibiting its activity. This inhibition provides control over skin tone and brown spots, reducing the development of unwanted pigmentation. Consistent and even product use gradually lightens the skin until the desired shade is achieved.

Guthione Inj 1200mg Packaging:
1200 mg x 10 vials


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Guthione Inj 1200mg
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