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Gouri PCL

Immediate and long-lasting impact!. Gouri PCL is the first 100% liquid polycaprolactone filler without microparticles!. The South Korean revolution is highly tolerated and simple to use for a revitalizing lifting impact on the entire face.

Why choose Gouri PCL?

In addition to hyaluronic acid, PCL is the most well-known ingredient for increasing facial volume. Unlike hyaluronic acid, GOURI-PCL has a much longer duration, lasting up to a year. A syringe is used to inject the PCL into the face. It is less invasive than other fillers since it requires fewer injections.
How does GOURI function?

Following the injection, the PCL spreads throughout the tissue. To accomplish this, GOURI is injected into a few spots and gently massaged. GOURI smoothes wrinkles and adds soft, natural volume to the entire face. However, it is primarily meant as an anti-aging filler that, due to its unique dual action, makes the entire face appear firmer and younger for an extended period of time.

What makes Gouri PCL unique?

PCL has another significant effect in addition to firming. Injection of the filler increases the body's own collagen creation in the cells, resulting in long-term and natural face rejuvenation. This constricting effect can be visible even after the body has broken down the PCL. The GOURI-PCL not only prevents anti-aging, but it also visibly delays skin ageing.

How does GOURI work?

Gouri PCL is only used on the face and helps with the following issues:

Footprints of crows
creases on a marionette
Folds of the nose and mouth
Cheekbones / cheeks
Face shape in general
Sagging skin
GOURI simply requires a few injection spots to provide a substantial lifting effect to your consumers. As seen in the image below, each half of the face requires 5 injections, allowing the full face to be treated in 10 injections.

Gouri PCL simply requires a few injection spots to provide a substantial lifting effect to your consumers. As seen in the image below, each half of the face requires 5 injections, allowing the full face to be treated in 10 injections.

The syringe is inserted into the middle of the forehead. If you lay it on your forehead above the pupil, you can easily reach the point.
Inject the Gouri PCL into the nasal area at the same level as the nostrils. The injection site is 2 to 3 cm from the nostril.
Cheeks: The point is in the same line as injection #2, but about 3 - 4 cm distant. The injection should be administered beneath the cheekbone.

Mouth area: Place the syringe about 2 - 3 cm away from the mouth in the corner. The point should be directly between points 2 and 3.
An injection is administered in the eye area. You can inject injection No. 5 wherever in the red highlighted area, depending on the customer's skin and wrinkle depth. It is critical to inject Gouri PCL at least 1.5 - 2 cm away from the eyes.
Procedures for Storage and Handling:

Two years (24 months) shelf life
Room temperature (5°C-25°C), avoid light and freezing.
Because it is a throwaway object, it must be discarded after usage.
Never reuse and resterilize.

Gouri PCL -

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PCL (Polycaprolactones)

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Gouri PCL
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