Filaphingosine Barrier Cream

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Filaphingosine Barrier Cream

Experience immediate skin enhancement and nourishment with Filaphingosine Barrier Cream. This exceptional cream is crafted with a potent combination of phytosphingosine, panthenol, and ceramide NP, along with microbiome elements, to elevate your skin's health and reinforce its innate barrier.

Benefit from the "bulletproof" moisturizing COMPLEX featured in this cream, comprising phytosphingosine (5,000ppm), panthenol (5,000ppm), ceramide NP (5,000ppm), and microbiome components. These elements synergize to promptly refine your skin's texture and fortify its resilience.

For profound hydration, this cream integrates a 5 High, Mid, Low molecular Hyaluronic Acid Complex. By targeting diverse skin layers, it delivers potent and enduring moisturization. Witness the emergence of a moisture-rich barrier as your skin becomes deeply hydrated and exudes a radiant, healthy appearance.

Sensitive skin finds solace in the soothing attributes of madecassoside and Centella asiatica leaf extract. These calming agents alleviate irritation and foster a serene, harmonized complexion.

OFBASE Celfish Filaphingobarrier Cream has undergone thorough testing, including 6 comprehensive clinical trials. From assessing its 72-hour moisturizing endurance to enhancing skin barrier function, alleviating skin irritation, addressing dryness, and conducting moisture and irritation tests, this cream has demonstrated both efficacy and safety.

Unlock your skin's potential with OFBASE Celfish Filaphingobarrier Cream and luxuriate in its exceptional skin-nurturing advantages.


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Filaphingosine Barrier Cream
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