Exovair Skin Booster

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Exovair Skin Booster

Introducing Exovair Skin Booster. Embark on a journey into the realm of wonder with Exovair, our premier skin booster enriched with the legendary ingredient, ExoVair, powered by Exosomes.

Exosomes, natural particles released from cells, particularly stem cells, carry genetic information, proteins, growth factors, and messenger RNA. They play a crucial role in cell-to-cell communication, activating cells to function as effectively as youthful cells.

Scientifically proven to possess regenerative, anti-inflammatory, and immune-modulatory properties, Exosomes are 1000 times more potent than Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP). These complexes contain RNA and various regeneration-related proteins, ensuring high purity exosomes for maximum effectiveness.

Exovair amplifies antioxidant effects by stimulating cells with secretion induction technology, boasting over 6 billion particles. It contains a rich composition of skin regeneration proteins and regulates cell medium composition to emit richer regenerative factors, resulting in unparalleled effectiveness.

Key Ingredients:
- Exosome (CICA-Exo): High-Purity Exosome Derived from Plants (1.3 billion Particles/ml)
- PDRN: High-Purity HPDRN 60,000ppm made in France, derived from Alaskan wild salmon
- Growth Factors Peptides: 3 Natural Enzymes involved in collagen Growth, 7 Amino acid peptides, Atelocollagen

1. Lyophilized Powder - 100mg x 4ea
2. Diluent - 6ml x 4ea

Exovair Skin Booster Key Benefits:
1. Anti-inflammatory: Effective alternative to steroids for various inflammatory conditions.
2. Multiuse: Suitable for use on multiple areas including the face and scalp.
3. Complexion: Reduces melanin production, restoring skin tone affected by UV exposure.
4. Hydrate: Delivers intensive moisture surge for hydrated, smoother skin.
5. Regenerative: Induces regeneration of damaged cells, rebuilding the skin barrier and creating blood vessels.
6. Antioxidant: Suppresses active oxygen with strong antioxidants, improving wrinkles and preventing aging.


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Exovair Skin Booster
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