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Content: Etrebelle 200mg/vial: The Innovation in Hybrid Filler Solutions

Etrebelle: A unique blend of PLA & HA for cutting-edge collagen stimulation and volumizing effects.

The Hybrid Marvel: Blending HA and PLA

Etrebelle addresses volume loss by combining HA and PLA; HA provides structural support, while PLA's cohesiveness prevents HA migration.

A Time-Progressive Transformation

Etrebelle 200mg begins with HA and then switches to PLA. As PLA stimulates collagen, HA dissipates, improving skin elasticity. This HA-PLA synergy revitalises the skin.

Sustainable Results: Nurturing Collagen Production

Etrebelle's legacy begins to emerge at six months. The physical support of HA biodegrades, resulting in newly synthesised collagen fibres for natural, long-term rejuvenation. The dual-action strategy of Etrebelle restores skin volume.

Beyond Wrinkles: Versatility Redefined

Etrebelle's versatility is limitless. It goes beyond simply removing deep wrinkles. It's an effective tool for neocollagenesis, or the process of rejuvenating the skin from within. Furthermore, its ability to improve skin elasticity makes it a go-to solution for regaining youthful vigour.

Etrebelle 200mg/vial: Formula Breakdown

Etrebelle 200 is a PLA/HA blend that strikes a delicate balance for optimal results. This blend is meticulously calibrated with PLA at 170mg and HA at 30mg to induce collagen regeneration and provide immediate volumization. PLA microparticles sized 50-60 micrometres and HA particles sized 3,000 kDA work together to provide a holistic rejuvenation effect.

Aesthetic Precision: The Procedure

Etrebelle's application exemplifies precision. The mixture of sterile distilled water (9cc) and Lido (1cc) is meticulously diluted for more than 30 minutes. The injection, made possible by a cannula size of 25-27G, ensures precise placement and an enjoyable experience.

2022 Etrebelle PLA Korea Injectable Hyaluronic Acid Plla Collagen Stimulated Injection Product

2022 Etrebelle PLA Korea Injectable Hyaluronic Acid Plla Collagen Stimulated Injection Product

Location: Korea 

Shipping: Globally ( International)


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