Electric Muscle Stimulator & Fat Burning Device

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Electric Muscle Stimulator & Fat Burning Device

Introducing our Electric EMS Muscle Stimulator Body Fat Burning Device: This device combines muscle stimulation, fat burning, cavitation, and massaging functions to help you slim down.
Electrical Muscle Stimulation technology is used in our EMS device to stimulate muscle contractions, toning, and strengthening muscles. It also aids in fat loss and body shaping.
The device also includes cavitation technology, which targets and destroys fat cells using high-frequency waves. This can help to reduce localised fat deposits while also improving overall body contouring.
The device relaxes muscles, improves circulation, and relieves tension, leaving you feeling refreshed.
The Electric EMS Muscle Stimulator & Fat Burning Device is intended to be simple and convenient to use. It has adjustable intensity levels, so you can tailor your workout and fat-burning experience. Its small and portable size makes it ideal for use at home or on the go.
Individual results may vary, and for best results, this device should be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise regimen.
For body slimming and toning, try our Electric Muscle Stimulator & Fat Burning Device. With the convenience of a single device, embrace a comprehensive approach to achieving your desired physique.
Electric Muscle Stimulator & Fat Burning Device
1.Women's Belly Fat Burners, apply conductive gel to the abdomen and select a B-Fat mould that massages deep tissue while burning fat.
This is a cool home or travel body shaper.
2.Eliminate cellulite with conductive gel or cellulite cream, insert in the dermis, converts electrical energy into heat energy, gradually burns fat cells, regenerates collagen, firms skin, and aids in weight loss.
3.Remove stretch marks by applying stretch mark cream, switching to L-Skin mode, focusing the device on the touch area while touching, and it will.
Keep the skin warm and comfortable, increase the temperature of active body parts, 630NM red light wavelength stimulates the deep layers of skin, generates regenerative collagen, improves blood circulation, reduces wrinkles and stretch marks skin relaxation.
4.Use for 90 days at a time of 10 to 15 minutes per day. To see results, apply some conductive gel or stretch mark cream to your abdomen, arms, waist, or legs and wrap the device around them.
Product name
portable handy home use RF Cavitation slimming beauty device
ABS + stainless steel
114*90*106 mm
DC 10.5V 0.4A
gift box size
Charging time
Working time(once)
1pc/gift box
Electric Muscle Stimulator & Fat Burning Device
Electric Muscle Stimulator & Fat Burning Device
Electric Muscle Stimulator & Fat Burning Device
Electric Muscle Stimulator & Fat Burning Device
Electric Muscle Stimulator & Fat Burning Device
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Electric Muscle Stimulator & Fat Burning Device
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