DHNP Bicolamin Inj

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DHNP Bicolamin Inj

DHNP Bicolamin Inj offers a vitamin B12 supplement packaged in a set of 50 ampoules, each containing 2ml. With 5 mg of hydroxocobalamin per ampoule, this supplement provides essential support for various bodily functions.

Key Benefits:

Hair and Nail Health: B-Colamin aids in reducing hair breakage and fortifying nails, promoting overall hair and nail strength and health.

Skin Health: With its anti-inflammatory properties, B-Colamin assists in alleviating inflammation and managing acne. It also helps alleviate skin dryness, ensuring hydration and wellness.

Brain and Heart Health: Vitamin B12 is crucial for maintaining optimal brain and nervous system function. It can enhance mood, reduce weakness and fatigue, and alleviate tingling sensations. Additionally, it supports heart health by reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Energy Production: By facilitating the production of red blood cells responsible for oxygen delivery to the body's tissues, B-Colamin enhances natural energy levels and combats fatigue.

DHNP Bicolamin Inj Medical Applications:

Pernicious Anemia: B-Colamin is frequently prescribed for treating pernicious anemia, a condition marked by the body's inability to absorb vitamin B12 from food. Supplementation with B-Colamin can help replenish adequate levels of vitamin B12 in the body.

Cyanide Poisoning Management: Hydroxocobalamin, the active ingredient in B-Colamin, serves as an antidote for cyanide poisoning. It functions by binding to cyanide, forming a non-toxic compound that can be safely eliminated from the body.

Moreover, Vitamin B12 shots may reduce the risk of various conditions, including neurological disorders, vision loss, infertility, and neural tube defects in children born to individuals with a vitamin B12 deficiency.

In essence, B-Colamin delivers essential health benefits, supports bodily functions, and can be instrumental in managing specific medical conditions. However, it is advisable to consult a healthcare professional before initiating any supplementation or treatment regimen.

DHNP Bicolamin Inj Product Details:
- Main Ingredient: Hydroxocobalamin 5mg
- Volume: 2ml x 50 Amp
- Assists in reducing hair breakage
- Strengthens nails
- Manages inflammation and acne
- Alleviates skin dryness
- Supports brain and heart health
- Treats Pernicious anemia
- Manages Cyanide poisoning


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DHNP Bicolamin Inj
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