Dermaheal PTx Platinum LL

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Dermaheal PTx  Platinum LL

Dermaheal PTx Platinum LL is the ideal solution for slimming and toning your body! Its proprietary peptides remove cellulite and fat deposits quickly, making it an excellent lipolytic body contouring product! Plus, no injections are required; simply combine with Prostrolane Inner-B for safe, fast, and effective results.

Active components:

Paxillin (Pentapeptide 12 SP) w/ Deoxycholic Acid conjugation, Growth elements, Bio-inspired Peptide.


Reduces fat and cellulite while firming and shaping the skin. Body shape correction is the result of the interaction of lipolysis, thermogenesis, and myorelaxation. No need for needles; peptides that act quickly and produce immediate results. Components that are biocompatible and have no negative side effects.

Before using the product, clean it thoroughly and apply it to the desired area using the proper application technique. With just one vial per week, you can enjoy the long-lasting effects of Dermaheal PTX Platinum LL treatments for up to twelve months. This product will leave you glowing because it contains growth factors, biomimetic peptide, deoxycholic acid conjugated peptide, and the powerful PTx peptide (sh-pentapeptide-12 SP).


Only specialists with relevant medical and nursing qualifications should administer Dermaheal PTx Platinum LL injections, both with and without lidocaine.

What Dermaheal is ?

Dermaheal from Caregen dominates the premium Korean mesotherapy and cosmetics market. Its extensive line of skincare, hair care, and mesotherapy products effectively treat common skin ailments such as ageing, hyperpigmentation, and more!

Dermaheal PTx Platinum LL is an excellent treatment for ageing skin, dryness, wrinkles, and environmental damage. Furthermore, its hair-strengthening ingredients nourish the scalp while combating hair loss caused by stress or illness. Mesotherapy is a skincare line that combines vitamins, minerals, amino acids, growth factors, and skin-renewing ingredients. This beauty line also offers outstanding fat-reduction treatments. Even with its HA-based injection gels, which are non-animal derived and completely biodegradable, the product's 100% biocompatibility ensures minimal risk of side effects. Dermaheal provides advanced skin-care technology at affordable prices, allowing you to afford expensive, high-performance cosmetics. Prpmed and Mesotherapy from Caregen are ideal for non-invasive fat reduction, hair loss treatment, and a safe rejuvenation routine.


Amount: 10 vials × 5ml

Usage: lipolysis stimulation, thermogenesis regulation, body shape correction

Location: Korea 

Shipping:  International

€101.93 €91.06

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Dermaheal PTx Platinum LL
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