Dermagen Acssak Acne Clear Facial Foam 120mL

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Dermagen Acssak Acne Clear Facial Foam 120mL

Introducing Dermagen Acssak Acne Clear Facial Foam 120mL. Certified by the Food and Drug Administration, the Acne Skin Relief Functional Foam Cleanser is designed for acne-prone skin. This hypoallergenic cleanser boasts a slightly acidic pH, akin to that of the skin. Featuring salicylic acid, it effectively dissolves unwanted dead skin cells to prevent pore blockage and alleviate acne issues. Its dense, luxurious foam lathers gently without causing irritation, ensuring a fresh and moisturized complexion post-wash.

Key Ingredients:

1. BHA for Pore Cleansing:
Salicylic Acid: This functional component targets acne-prone skin, preventing inflammatory acne by dissolving comedones and eliminating dead skin cells that obstruct pores, thereby reducing keratinocyte aggregation.

2. Sebum Decomposition:
Papain/Bromelain: Natural proteolytic enzymes sourced from nature, these agents decompose old dead skin cells and regulate sebum production.

3. Sensitive Skin Strengthening:
Centella Asiatica Extract: Derived from the core ingredient of Centella Asiatica, this extract soothes sensitive skin and enhances moisture retention.
Ceramide: Essential for moisture maintenance, ceramide prevents moisture loss by sealing moisture within skin cells.
Panthenol (Vitamin B5): Upon absorption into the skin, panthenol prevents moisture evaporation and helps the skin preserve its natural moisture balance.


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Dermagen Acssak Acne Clear Facial Foam 120mL
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