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Introducing Dermaducell. This product is very high in protein and it helps the skin to manufacture collagen and makes it elastic by increasing the density of its fibre cells. It also prevents flaking and the generation of dead skin cells caused by dry skin.

It has the following effects:

Lifting impact: Demonstrates an effective lifting impact on sagging cheeks caused by ageing, sagging chin and laugh lines, and age spots. The effect of the freckle treatment.

Skin regeneration: It activates skorts and regenerates the skin.

It protects the skin from external imitation television, making it stronger, and its antimicrobial effects boost its immunity.

Improving age spots: Its safe and effective components for wrinkles, skin ageing, and muscular contractions promote the elasticity, cleanliness, and clarity of your skin.

Improving freckles: It improves freckles caused by UV exposure of cells to manufacture melanin via cell regeneration by boosting melanogenesis.

To slow the ageing process, we must constantly take care of our skin as we get older.

Glowing skin with reduced pores: Prevents rough skin texture and shields large pores without irritation using components including hydrolyzed collagen and hyaluronic acid, reducing their size and giving a glowing effect.

Collagen formation is stimulated, which has the potential to thicken the dermis, reduce fine wrinkles, and is necessary for firm, youthful skin. Because vitamin C is rapidly damaged by heat, water, and oxygen, we must replace it on a regular basis.

The following are the effects of vitamin C:

It has anti-aging properties by removing active oxygen from the body and is useful in controlling skin ageing caused by oxidative stress.

Effects on wrinkles: It protects the skin by stimulating an increase in horny cells in the skin's outermost layer. It also works to reduce wrinkles by aiding collagen biosynthetic activity.

Skin-lightening efficacy: It has the ability to inhibit more than 40% of melanin, the primary cause of skin pigmentation, and 50% of Tyrosinase, the enzyme that plays the most essential role in Melanogenesis.

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