Daihan Lidocaine HCL Hydrate Inj. 2% (20ml)

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Daihan Lidocaine HCL Hydrate Inj. 2% (20ml)

Introducing Daihan Lidocaine HCL Hydrate Inj. 2% (20ml). Composition: Each 1 mL contains 21.330 mg of Lidocaine HCl.

1. Anesthesia
- Epidural, infiltration, surface anesthesia, or nerve block

2. Internal medical use
- Ventricular arrhythmia

Daihan Lidocaine HCL Hydrate Inj. 2% (20ml) Dosage & Administration:
- Anesthesia
- Adjust the dosage based on patient response and administration site.
- Administer the lowest concentration and smallest dose necessary to achieve the desired effect.
- Dosage varies depending on the area to be anesthetized, tissue vascularity, number of neuronal segments to be blocked, individual tolerance, and anesthesia technique.
- Administer the minimum dosage required for anesthesia.

- Maximum dose for healthy adults: 200 mg

1. Epidural (max. dose: 200 mg as Lidocaine HCl per dose): 40 ~ 200 mg
2. Nerve block (max. dose: 200 mg as Lidocaine HCl per dose): 30 ~ 200 mg, 60 ~ 120 mg for support nerve block
3. Infiltration (max. dose: 200 mg as Lidocaine HCl per dose): 40 ~ 200 mg
4. Surface:Spread or spray a moderate amount of dose to a part

Dosage should be properly adjusted by age, anesthesia areas, parts, tissue, symptoms, constitution, or whole-body conditions.

1. Single intravenous administration: 50 ~ 100 mg (1 ~ 2 mg/kg) as Lidocaine HCl per dose, slowly administered intravenously for 1 ~ 2 minutes. If the desired response is not achieved, the same dosage may be administered 5 minutes after the first injection, and additionally, the same dosage may be repeated at 10 ~ 20-minute intervals as necessary. However, the maximum dose for 1 hour should not exceed 300 mg.

2. I.V. Instillation administration: If single I.V. administration is effective and enduring effects are desired, administer by I.V. installation under constant ECG monitoring. Lidocaine HCl is I.V. administered at a rate of 1 ~ 2 mg as lidocaine HCl per minute. If necessary, the infusion rate may be increased, but the maximum rate is 4 mg per minute.

Daihan Lidocaine HCL Hydrate Inj. 2% (20ml) Storage:
Hermetic container, store at temperatures not exceeding 30°C.

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Daihan Lidocaine HCL Hydrate Inj. 2% (20ml)
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