Curestem C20 Exosome

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Curestem C20 Exosome

The Curestem C20 Exosome boasts 48.9 Billion Particles and a concentration of 200,000ppm of human cord blood cell conditioned media, delivering benefits such as enhanced skin sensitivity, elasticity, skin regeneration, and the promotion of a healthy scalp environment for hair. This versatile serum is suitable for all skin types and yields remarkable results.

Package Contents: 2ml x 10 vials
Suitable for all skin types
Contains 200,000ppm human cord blood cell conditioned media

Q: Why is Curestem C20 Exosome lyophilized (freeze-dried)?
A: Lyophilization preserves active ingredients in their original state, optimizing stability without the need for preservatives, resulting in superior efficacy upon activation.

Q: What sets CURESTEM exosomes apart?
A: CURESTEM, sourced from the youngest stem cells (human cord blood cell conditioned media), can accommodate a high concentration of exosomes and vital proteins crucial for cell regeneration. Tests reveal that CURESTEM exhibits a 5 times higher regeneration efficacy compared to exosomes isolated from other sources like adipocytes and marrow.

※ Reference
1) [SCI Journal] Conditioned media from human umbilical cord blood-derived mesenchymal stem cells stimulate rejuvenation function in human skin. (Biochemistry and Biophysics Reports 16 (2018) 96-1
2) [Patent] Composition comprising GDF11 and uses thereof (10-1810385)

Curestem C20 Exosome Directions:
Mix C 20 (5ml) with N/S (2ml) & apply to the affected area.
For skin treatment: Apply onto the skin with MTS. After laser treatment, apply onto the skin.
For Scalp (Hair loss) treatment: Apply onto the scalp with MTS or injection.
Use immediately after mixing with N/S due to the absence of preservatives.



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Curestem C20 Exosome
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