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Curenex Snow Peel

Introducing curenex Snow Peel. Existing chemical peels like AHA and BHA can irritate the skin and dissolve proteins during exfoliation. To address this issue, Curenex Snow Peel was developed specifically to eliminate dead skin cells and deliver active ingredients for fibroblast activation into the dermis. This process enhances skin metabolism and prevents damage to healthy skin cells during exfoliation.

Curenex employs an innovative peeling technique that not only removes dead skin cells but also rejuvenates the skin. The C-TOX powder, a purified HYDROLIZED SPONGE, is utilized for this purpose. The Snow Peel Activator, containing salmon DNA, glutathione, and gluconolactone, is uniquely formulated to further enhance skin vitality.

Key Features:

1. Micro Needling System: Stimulates skin cells to boost metabolism and microcirculation.
2. Exfoliation: Simultaneously removes dead skin cells and rejuvenates the skin.
3. Nourishment: Active ingredients penetrate the skin for fibroblast reactivation.
4. Lightening: Glutathione and niacinamide help remove free radicals and inhibit melanin pigment activity.

Curenex Snow Peel Contents:
Each box contains 4 x 1g vials of Snow Peel powder and 30ml of Snow Peel Activator. One box can be used for a maximum of 8 sessions.

Main Ingredients of Curenex Snow Peel:

1. C-TOX Powder (C-Tox): Initiates natural exfoliation and continues stimulating skin cells post-procedure.
2. Gluconolactone: Boosts exfoliation and strengthens the moisture barrier.
3. PDRN (Salmon DNA): Aids in tissue regeneration and collagen production.
4. Glutathione & Niacinamide: Promote skin lightening and reduce skin blemishes.

Usage Instructions:
For topical and cosmetic use only.


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curenex Snow Peel
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