Chioctocin INJECTION Thioctic acid 25mg/ 5ml *10

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Chioctocin INJECTION Thioctic acid 25mg/ 5ml *10

Introducing Chioctocin INJECTION Thioctic acid 25mg/ 5ml *10, originating from South Korea, offers a range of benefits for those seeking:

- Improved skin tone: It brightens the complexion by toning up the entire face.
- Enhanced skin elasticity: It helps reduce wrinkles and increase skin elasticity.
- Reduced fatigue: Users may experience less exhaustion after daily activities.
- Fat reduction: It activates fat metabolism, effectively reducing body fat.
- Blood glucose regulation: It has positive effects on geriatric diseases by regulating blood glucose levels.

What is α-lipoic acid?
Alpha-lipoic acid is a fatty acid crucial for the body's energy production. Even in small doses, it exhibits antioxidative activity that surpasses that of vitamin C and E by 400 times. Its benefits include skin whitening, improved elasticity, increased energy consumption, and appetite suppression. Furthermore, it promotes weight loss by enhancing glutathione production.

Characteristics of Chioctocin INJECTION Thioctic acid 25mg/ 5ml *10:
- Short injection duration: Takes effect within 30 minutes of injection.
- No recovery period required: Users can resume normal activities immediately.
- Synergistic effects: The injection complements dietary therapy and exercise regimes.
- Compatible with other procedures: Can be combined with other treatments.

Effects of Injection:
- Weight management: Exhibits anti-obesity effects, reduces edema and cold constitution, and addresses fatty liver issues.
- Antioxidant properties: Boosts glutathione production, alleviates chronic fatigue, and detoxifies heavy metals.
- Skin benefits: Promotes skin whitening, enhances elasticity, and evens out skin tone.

Why choose Chioctocin INJECTION Thioctic acid 25mg/ 5ml *10?
- Inhibits protein saccharification: Suppresses the conversion of proteins into toxic substances that block capillaries.
- Boosts antioxidant activity: As the body's natural production of R-Alpha Lipoic Acid diminishes with age, dietary supplementation becomes crucial to maximize its health benefits.

Risks and Safety Information:
- Pregnant women should seek thorough consultation before undergoing the procedure.
- Extra doses of vitamin B1 are recommended due to its low absorption rate.
- Side effects are rare but may include minor skin rash.

Product Description:
- Packaging: 10 ampoules per box
- Specification: Each ampoule contains 5ml
- Ingredient: Each ampoule contains 25mg of Thioctic acid
- Shelf life: 2 years

Thioctic acid, an antioxidant used in cosmetics, effectively reduces body fat, prevents lactic acid oxidation, and scavenges free radicals. The recommended dosage is 10-25mg of Thioctic acid injection per day.

Country of Origin: South Korea


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Chioctocin INJECTION Thioctic acid 25mg/ 5ml *10
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