Beta Scaffold Mask

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Beta Scaffold Mask

Introducing Beta Scaffold Mask. Following invasive rejuvenation procedures involving injections, the skin's protective barriers are compromised, leading to inflammatory reactions, swelling, and discomfort in the treated areas. Consequently, a period of rehabilitation is necessary to expedite skin recovery.

To accelerate skin restoration, it's crucial to activate its innate ability to heal and enhance its natural protective functions with Beta Scaffold Mask while improving overall skin quality. Additionally, extending the effectiveness of administered medications and fortifying results are desirable outcomes. This is why cosmetic products containing beta-glucans have become indispensable in aesthetic medicine worldwide. Beta-glucans, a group of natural active compounds, serve as potent immunomodulatory agents, widely utilized in treating and preventing various conditions. Clinical studies and experiments consistently validate their ability to correct immune system imbalances.

The distinctive feature of the mask patch for the face and body lies in its exceptional ability to effectively restore the skin post-mesotherapy, injections, and laser procedures. It offers unparalleled cooling effects that can persist for up to two hours, even without prior refrigeration.

The Beta Glucan Patch Mask, also known as the Beta Scaffold Mask, contains beta-glucan 1,3, which adeptly activates local and systemic immunity without excessive stimulation, guarding against autoimmune diseases and bolstering immune defenses. Moreover, beta-glucan profoundly benefits the skin by providing excellent hydration, treating burns and scars, promoting fibroblast and keratinocyte growth, repairing sun-damaged skin, brightening, combating wrinkles, and stimulating collagen synthesis.

Featuring a gel-like consistency in the form of a thick hydrogel patch, the mask is versatile for use on various areas of the face, body, and limbs. Its condensed mass ensures ease of application, as it adheres firmly to the skin yet is effortlessly removable. Free from artificial fillers, the mask comprises solely natural hydrogel and beta-glucan 1,3, ensuring skin-friendly use without irritation.


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Beta Scaffold Mask
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